20 Best Holi Games For Ladies Kitty Party


Holi is just around the corner and I am getting many emails and message about sharing the best holi games for ladies kitty party. Today I am enlisting my best 20 holi games for your kitty party.

20 Best Holi Games For Ladies Kitty Party

20 Best Holi Games For Ladies Kitty Party

1. होली दी बोलियाँ

This is a very interesting one minute party for your holi theme kitty party. Check more about the होली दी बोलियाँgame here. 

2. रंग रंगीले

This is a paper party game best suitable for your holi kitty party. Read more about Rang Rangeele Here. 

3. ग़ोल गप्पे खाये जा

गोल गप्पो के बिन कैसी होली। एक मिनट मे कौन कितने खाता है देखे ज़रा। A competition to eat as many gol gappas as you can in one minute. Read more about the game ग़ोल गप्पे खाये जा here. 

4. Lucky Water Balloon Game

This is a luck game for your holi kitty party and can be played with large group of people too. Read more about Lucky Balloon Here. 

5. Holi Ka Sandesh

This is again a luck holi game to be played with a big group of people. This is best suitable for your holi club parties or family gatherings. Read more about Holi ka Sandesh

6. Holi Ki Kahaani Host Ki Zubaani

This is best suitable game for your Office Holi Party. Host will recite a story and players will get the gifts. Read more about Holi Ki Kahaani Here. 

7. Holi Bollywood Quiz

Check how good is your Bollywood knowledge. This is a special bollywood quiz based on Holi. Get the Holi Quiz GameSheet Here. 

8. Iced Marbles

Holi and summers are sisters. Summers start from Holi and thus this iced marble game suits well to your holi kitty party. Read about Iced Marbled Game here. 

9. Drip Drip Drizzle

This is a perfect holi party game for ladies kitty party. Sit in a circle and enjoy this drip drip drizzle this holi. Read more about Drip Drip Drizzle game here. 

10. Water Transit

Best Holi party games for ladies kitty party are always fun. Make teams in your kitty and play this game. Read more about Water Transit Here. 

11. Wet Sponge Relay

This is one of the funny and best Holi party games for ladies kitty party



and suits best to the Holi theme kitty party if you have an open area to play. Read More about Wet Sponge Relay Here. 

12. Thanda-Thanda Cool-Cool

Fill the pot with ice and water and add some fast holi colors in it. Also, add some  colored marbles in the pot. Read more about thandathanda cool-cool here.

13. Water Balloon Race

If you have a spacious open area for your Holi party, this water game may suit you the best. The game might first seem to be very simple but creates a great fun when played with full energy and enthusiasm. Read more about Water Balloon Race. 

14. Water Balloon Basketball

Basketball game is always fun and when it is played with a water balloon, it is the funniest. Read more about this ultimate holi party game water balloon basketball. 

15. Word Search Game

This is one of the most common yet entertaining game for any theme kitty party. Get the game sheet for holi colors search here. 

16. Balloon Pinata

Pinata is always fun. Holi Water Balloon Pinata will bring a highest fun quotient in your ladies kitty party. Read more about it here. 

17. Rangeen Tambola

This is a nice and interesting holi tambola game for ladies kitty party. Get the rangeen holi tambola ticket here

18. Empty the balloons

We usually ask to fill the balloons in holi but this holi game is different as you have to empty the water balloons in bottle here. Read more about the game here. 

19. Ranga-Rang Shehar

This is again an interesting paper game for ladies holi kitty party. Sharpen your colors knowledge and get the holi party game sheet here. 

20. Water Tub Race

This is a couple game and you need to pair-up the ladies to play this game. The pair who finishes the challenge first will be the winner. Read more about this Water Tub Race Here. 


  1. The holi tambolla tkt which hs fours images in hindi. Pl download it without the numbers like u did for d womens day ticket, n if possible translate in english. PL di not disappoint me. loved the womens day tkt.


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