Tambola For Holi Party : Holi Special Tambola Ticket

holi tambola ticket
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Tambola For Holi Party . Thank You for your wonderful response on Holi Games and many of my readers want some more of special Holi party games and here I am with a new Holi Tambola Ticket. This is a special Tambola For Holi Party where you have to stick one simple ordinary tambola ticket in one corner as you can see in this picture. You can download this picture from here and get your print outs from any cyber cafe near by. To download this Holi Tambola Ticket, just right click your mouse on the picture and click on ‘Save Image As’.

Tambola For Holi Party

holi tambola ticket
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Well, let me now explain the game to you. This is a simple tambola game but with a twist. Distribute the tambola tickets to all the kitty party members and keep one Holi tambola ticket with you (host). Now when you take out the numbers from the bowl, you have to speak them aloud according to the colors in the picture. Hope you are getting me.

Let me make it simpler-

If you take your number 51  you will speak it as White and Blue and the players will cut the number 51

More examples of tambola numbers –

21 – Green and Blue

08- Red and Pink

34- Yellow and Orange

89- Pink and Brown

66- Black and Black 

I have also mentioned the dividends on the ticket to make the things even simpler to you and your kitty members. Hope you got the game. If you have any doubt regarding this Holi Special Tambola Game, feel free to ask me in the comment box below. I will try to reply you as soon as possible and will also resolve your query.

I found this an interesting Tambola For Holi Party and hope that you will find it worth playing in your Holi Kitty Party or your Holi Party in the Office. Tambola is one of the best games we can arrange in big groups without considering the number of people we have.

Enjoy !

Happy Holi !!


  1. Thanks for such an interesting game. Please will you email me more games for single players as I would like to start my own buisness. Thanks Michelle


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