होली दी बोलियाँ: Simple Activity Game For Holi Party

funny kitty party game

Holi is just around the corner and Indian ladies are planning for their Holi theme kitty party will full zeal and enthusiasm. Today I am sharing a one-minute game which is actually a simple activity game for Holi party.


Simple Activity Game For Holi Party: होली दी बोलियाँ

simple activity game for holi party ladies kitty

This is an individual game and you need to call the persons one by one to play this game. If you have many members in your team you can call one member from each  team to play this game.

To play this game in  your Holi kitty party, you first need to make some slips with Holi related words written on them. For example, bucket, colour, red, green, blue, yellow, orange, gulal, blue, black, water, balloons, pichkari, gujhiya, dhol, bhang, etc. To have the double fun write the words in Hindi like ( बल्टी, पिच्कारी, लाल, गुलाल, पीला, हरा, गुब्बारे ect. )

Now call the members one by one and ask them to pick a slip out of all. She has now to say the sentences using that word in one minute. Players have to try saying maximum number of sentences as they can. The member who say maximum number of sentences in one minute will be the winner.

You can also play it as a paper party game, give them a sheet each and  then ask them to pick the slip. The members then have to write the sentences on the paper.

Do not forget reading the most funny sentences aloud to make the ambience even funnier.



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