Help Cowgirl Finding Way: Paper Game For Cowgirl Theme Kitty Party


This is another Paper Game For Cowgirl Theme Kitty Party designed for a client. This is a one-minute paper game where you have to help the cowgirl finding her way while taking her belongings on the way. You just need to get the printout of the sheet given below according to the number of players.

The only rule here in this game is that players cannot take once route twice and also they can’t overwrite. They have to mark the way carefully.

Paper Game For Cowgirl Theme Kitty PartyPaper Game For Cowgirl Theme Kitty Party

Things required

  • Printout of the game sheet
  • Pen

How to play Paper Game For Cowgirl Theme Kitty Party

  • Give one game sheet to each player in your kitty party.
  • The challenge here is to help cowgirl finding the way while collecting her belongings in the way.
  • The rule here is that players can not take the way twice and neither they are allowed to overwrite.
  • They have to collect the things in correct order as shown in the image below.
  • They have to be careful while marking the way of cowgirl.
  • This is a 30 seconds game and the member who does is correct in 30 seconds will win the prize.
  • You can adjust the timings on your own preferences.
  • You can also play this game with your kids in a birthday party.

Download the answer sheet below-cowgirl theme party game answers


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