Games Related To Holi for kids: Drip Drip Drizzle

games related to holi

Games related to holi . This is  a nice and interesting game best suitable for your Holi party or the Holi theme kitty party. At first instance this game might look like a holi game for kids but trust me it brings a great fun when played in a ladies kitty party. The only thing to remember with this game is that you might need an open ground.

Games Related To Holi for Kidsgames related to holi

Almost every games related to holi is connected with water, balloons or colors and this game needs all these three Holi artifacts. You will need balloons, water and colors to arrange and play this game in your holi party or holi theme kitty party.

To play this game you need work along with players. Take a chair and sit with some balloons near the tap of water. Make a small pin sized hole in every balloon. Make all the players sit in a circle. Its entirely your wish if you want to make your guests seated on the floor or on the chairs. I think sitting on floor would be a better idea. Now when all the members are seated well in a circle start the game.

The host will fill one balloon with colored water and pass it to the circle. The members will keep passing the balloon with the dripping water. Pass the balloon around the circle while the music plays, or a song is sung. When the water runs out, the player holding it is out. He leaves the circle, another balloon with a hole is retrieved, and the game starts again until another player is out. The game continues until one player is left, and wins. To fill the water balloons, I strongly recommend Imperial Toy Tie-Not Water Balloon Filling Set. It makes filling and tying balloons fast and easy. games related to holi

This is is a nice game and will keep your members occupied for quite sometime.



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