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September 17, 2019



Amul Aishwarya Rai Purple Lips Cartoon

Aishwarya Rai’s purple lipstick has become the talk of the web these days and Amul, as always has taken it wonderfully with a tagline of “What’s Honth, What’s Not” . The moment, this gorgeous Indian beauty walked on the red carpet of Canned wearing a strange and obnoxious purple lipstick, it created a huge buzz […]


HOAX ALERT: Better safe than sorry Channel 13 News

Better safe than sorry Channel 13 News is a HOAX. Facebook hasn’t really made any changes in their privacy policy and they are not going to charge you any $5.99 to keep your status updates private. My Facebook timeline is full of this Hoax status update where most of my friends are copying and pasting […]

Mr. Kishan Kumar Got a New Typewriter: UP Policeman Suspended

While the entire social media including Facebook and Twitter are trending with the story of Shree Mr. Kishan Kumar and his typewriter, we recently got updated with the news that the Lucknow Police has taken a quick action on the same and has gifted a brand new typewriter to Shree Kishan Kumar. Mr Kishan Kumar is […]

Hardest tongue twisters

Hardest Tongue Twisters Ever

Tongue Twisters are one of the bets ways to create fun in a party, may it be an office party, a big gathering of people, a family function or any thing else. Check out the list of some hardest tongue twisters, some tongue twisters for kids and some simple tongue twisters in Hindi.  Hardest Tongue […]


We Are Scared of Auto-Rickshaw Drivers, Says Delhi Traffic Police

It was 9 pm when me and my elder sister were at Sarojini Nagar Market (S.N) at Delhi. We were looking for an auto rickshaw to our way home but none of over 50 rickshaw drivers denied taking us. We asked almost every auto rickshaw driver standing there but everyone refused to take to our […]