Games For Holi Theme Kitty Party : Funny Water Balloon Pinata

games for holi theme kitty party

Games For Holi Theme Kitty Party . This is one of the most interesting and exciting games for holi theme kitty party. This is a water game and will surly create a mess and so make sure that you book an open ground or garden to organize your holi theme kitty party.

Games For Holi Theme Kitty Party

party games for holi

This a water pinata game. Although the pinatas are made using paper but as we are talking about the holi party games, we will make the water pinatas for this game using the big sized balloons.

How to Make Water Balloon Pinatas for Games For Holi Theme Kitty Party

Tie a big and strong string from one corner of the garden to the other. Take some big sized balloons and fill them with colored water of holi. Tie and hang these water balloons from the string. Your water balloons pinatas are ready.

party games for holi

Now let me explain you the game. Call your kitty members all together to play this game or you can also call them one by one. Or you can also arrange the members in teams to play this game, whatever suits you.
Give one stick to each member who comes to play this water games for holi theme kitty party. You can either blindfold the players or you can ask them to burst the pinatas with open eyes. This entirely depend on you. The main idea is to make the players burst the water pinatas with the sticks.

This seems to be an easy game but believe me it is not that easy to burst the water filled balloons pinatas with sticks and especially when you are blindfolded.

Hope I am clear with the game here. If you have any doubts, feel free to leave your doubts in the comments box below.

Have Fun 🙂




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