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Holi Games To Play : Funny Holi Party Game With Water

holi games to play

Holi Games To Play . While looking for some holi celebration ideas over the web I came across a wonderful holi party game or say a summer party game which suits best to your holi celebrations or the holi theme kitty party. Like my many other games this game also asks for teams. So before you start with the game, divide your guests into two teams.

Holi Games To Play In Open Area

holi games to play

To play this holi game in your kitty party you might need an open space as this game may spill water. As I said above, divide your kitty members into teams to play this game. Now make the teams sit in a line with eye blindfolded. Yes I said, blindfold all the members of a team and make them sit in a line behind each other. It will be a good idea to make them sit on floor for this game.

Before you blindfold the members give them a glass each. A plastic disposable tumbler may do. Keep one water filled bucket ahead the line and one empty bucket behind the line. Now what the players have to do is to – pass the water from the filled bucket to the empty bucket using the glasses.

The member sitting first will fill the glass from the bucket and pour it in the glass of second member, the second member will then pour it to the third member’s glass and so on. The funny part in this game is that all the members are blindfolded and no one will know that they are pouring the water in the glass or spilling it. The team which fills the empty bucket first will be the winner. You can either keep the time limit and check the amount of water filled in the empty bucket or change it accordingly. The team can set their signs before the game begins.

I found this game pretty funny and interesting to be played in a holi party. The image above will make the game even more clear. Feel free to leave a comment below in the comment box if you have any doubt in this game or any of my holi games to play.

Image credit- Tipjunkie


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