One Minute HoIi Kitty Party Game: Rang Rangeele

One Minute HoIi Kitty Party Game

This is a one minute holi kitty party game best suitable for your kitty in the month of March. This is actually a very simple game but then again suits the theme very much. You can also play this game in any of your kids birthday parties too.

One Minute HoIi Kitty Party Gameholi one minute kitty party game aanswers

Things Required

  • Print out of the game sheet below
  • Pens

How to play

  • This is a simple one minute holi kitty party game.
  • The challenge here is to count the number of colored balloons in one minute.
  • The players have to count how many red, orange, pink, black, blue and purple balloons are there in the game sheet.
  • The player who guesses correct answers in one minute will be the winner.

Below is the game sheet. Download the sheet and enjoy the game in your holi kitty party. holi kitty party one minute game




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