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Holi Party Games – Empty The Balloons

holi party games

This is another water party game in my list of holi party games. Holi is all about water and colors so all its games must stick to that.

This is a water game which can suit best as your Holi party games. Although I arranged this party in my kid’s birthday party but as has some water fun in it, you can arrange it well in your Holi themed party also.

This is a simple water party game and to play this party game you just need a few of water balloons filled with colored water and two bottles with the narrow opening.holi party games

How To Play Holi Party Game – Empty The Balloons

Just keep the water balloons in two different baskets and keep two empty bottles nearby. Call one member from each team and give them the time span of one minute and they have to fill the bottles with the water in the balloons.

The player who fill maximum amount of water in one minute wins the game.

This suits best as the team game, but you can play it according to the strength of your kitty party. If you want to arrange this game in your couple kitty party you can call the couples one by one to play this game. In a nutshell, it depends entirely on you and your kitty party strength, how you want to play this game.


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    1. Hi Neha you can easily play this game in your couple kitty party. Just give each couple a fix number of water balloons and one bottle with a small opening. There is no time limit for this game and the couples have to empty the balloons into the bottles. The couple getting maximum water in the bottle will be the winner of the game. Hope it helps.

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