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holi party games

Holi Party Games For Ladies . We played this game in our Holi theme kitty party and every player loved playing the game. It is a simple game and you do not need to do much homework for this game. You will just need a small pot for this holi party game. Fill the pot with ice and water and add some fast holi colors in it. Also, add some colored marbles in the pot.

Holi Party Games For LadiesHoli Party Games For Ladies

Call the members one by one and ask them to pick particular color marbles from the bowl of chilled water and holi colors. You can add more of other colored objects in the water bowl. It will make the game more interesting and difficult for players to play.

The time limit for this game is one minute and the member who picks maximum marbles will win this holi party game.

This is an interesting kitty party game and can be played in any age group. Even kids would love to play this game in their holi party. You can also arrange this game as the birthday party games for your kids.



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