Fun Couple Games For Your Parties


Good fun couple games can certainly double the fun in your parties. While drinks, food, music, and party decor plays a very important role in the success of a party but if you are not having some interesting party games for your guests, they might get bored. Because not everyone is interested in drinks or dance right?

Today in this post I am sharing three best fun couple games for your parties. You can play these games in your ladies kitty party or hen’s party too or maybe with the kids at a birthday party.

Fun Couple Games

Paper Balloon Couple Game

In this game, you need a newspaper and a few balloons per couple. I got this game idea from indulgy where it was played as a kids party game but I thought I can keep it as a couple game too, so sharing it here. Here the challenge for the couple is to balance the balloon on a newspaper and take it from one table to the other. It is a one minute game and the couple who transfers the maximum number of balloons in one minute will be the winner of this game. If you can arrange many balloons, you can call all the couples at a time to play this game and keep it as a race, and then the couple who comes first will be the winner of course.

Drink-n-Flipfun couple games

This is a drinking game basically but you can use juice instead of any beer or liquor too. In this game, you have to give 5 glasses of juice/beer/cold drink or any beverage to the couple and two straws. The challenge for the couple is to finish the drink fast and flip the glass upside down on the table. The couple who takes the minimum time in completing 5 glass flips will be the winner of this game.

Guessing Fun Couple Games

This is a game where you can add your own twists. This is basically a guessing game where you will paste a paper on wife’s back with a word written on it and show it to the husband. Now the wife will keep asking the question to guess the word. The husband can only answer in Yes or No. It can be a movies name, a thing or a song. You can just give the initial clue that it is a thing or a movie or a song and then the wife will keep asking the question like, is it an old film? Is it a flop or hit film? etc etc. The couple who guesses the maximum correct answer will be the winner of this game.

These were some interesting and fun couple games for your couple kitty parties or for your family gatherings where you just want to have fun with the couple around.

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