Water Games For Holi Party : Water Balloon Relay

water games for holi party

Water games for holi party . Holi is one of the most popular Indian festival and it is full of colors, fun and enjoyment. In the month of March most ladies plan to throw the holi theme kitty party. I know many people who arrange a holi party at their place on the day of Holi. If you are planning a Holi party at your place this year, you might surel be looking for some interesting holi party games.

Water Games For Holi Partyholi party games

If you have a spacious open area for your Holi party, this water game may suit you the best. The game might first seem to be very simple but creates a great fun when played with full energy and enthusiasm.

To play this game in holi party, first divide the guests into two teams. Have the guests pair up within their team with a partner, back to back and linking arms. Place a water balloon between the two players. Have them carefully walk to a designated spot with a bucket. Together, they must get the water balloon in the bucket without popping it. After they run back, the next two players can go. The team with the most intact water balloons is the winner at the end.

This is more like a water balloon relay or a water balloon race. This game is suitable for all ages and thus you can also arrange it for kids in  your holi party or even for your teenage or adult friends.

Image Credit : Pety’s island




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