Funny Holi Party Games : Wet Sponge Relay

funny holi party games

Funny Holi Party Games . When we talk about Holi or Holi party games, the first few things that come in our mind are water, colors, fun and laughter. This is one of the best and funny Holi party games and suits best to the Holi theme kitty party, if you have an open area to play. Obviously if you are planning the holi theme kitty party in a restaurant or in any indoor venue this game won’t suit you.

Funny Holi Party Gamesfunny holi party games

To play this game you would first need an open area. Also arrange a few buckets and sponge pieces. As the name itself suggests this is a relay race to be played with sponge pieces . As we all know sponge can carry water well and so we will use it for the relay race in this game.

To start with this game in your Holi theme kitty party, you will need two empty jars, two buckets filled with water, and two large sponges. You can use the car wash sponges to play this game in your kitty party. Before you start, form two teams. Each team will make a line next to a bucket filled with colored water. Host will blow the whistle and the game starts. When the game starts, have the first member of each team put the sponge in the colored water in the bucket, put it on their head, and run towards a jar at the other end of the playing area. Squeeze the water into the jar and run back. Continue on with the rest of the players. The first team who fill the jar to overflowing wins. 

Seems to be a simple game but is very entertaining and funny. Try playing this game in your holi party this year and I am sure you and your kitty members will love it.

Image Credit : TBCS Events


  1. Sounds like a fun game. I just wanted to know that when the first member comes back with the empty sponge she gives it to the second member and goes last in the line or out of the game?


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