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Best Rakshabandhan Messages In Hindi

Best Rakshabandhan Messages In Hindi

Whatever it may be, no other language can express our feeling and emotions better than Hindi. On demand of my regular readers, today I am sharing some nice and touching best Rakshabandhan Messages In Hindi. Do share these messages with your lovely brothers and wish them a very Happy Rakshabandhan in Hindi. Best Rakshabandhan Messages In […]

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Fun Couple Game For Engagement Party

2 Best Wedding Games For Couples

Today I am sharing 2 funny and Best Wedding Games For Couples on demand of one of my regular readers. These two couple games are very funny and interesting to be played in an engagement party, ladies kitty party or even in a bridal shower party. Best Wedding Games For Couples Mouth Clips: Naughty Couple […]

crazy and funny couple party game

Funny Couple Party Game: Marshmallow Toss

Today I am sharing another interesting and crazy funny couple party game, Marshmallows Toss. This is a simple yet interesting game and can double the fun quotient in your kitty party for sure. You can also play this game with kids in a birthday party. I found this game over the web played with kids […]

janamashtami games for ladies kity party

10 Best Games For Janamashtami Kitty Party

Today I am compiling all my janamashtami games at one place so as to help you arranging your Janamashtami Theme Kitty Party. Best Janamashtami Games For Kitty Party 1.Dahi Handi Dahi handi is a famous activity usually done in Janamashtami so this game suits the theme best. In this game you have to take a […]

Lauki Ki Muthiya: Tea Time Snacks

Lauki Ki Muthiya: Tasty Tea Time Snacks

Lauki Ki Muthiya is very easy to make tasty and healthy tea time snacks item. You can make it in your breakfast as well. Lauki Ki Muthiya: Tea Time Snacks Ingredients: whole wheat flour- 1/2 cup semolina (sooji)-1 cup Besan (bengal gram flour)-1/2 cup Ginger-green chilli paste- 2 tsp Turmeric powder (haldi)- 1/2 tsp Lemon juice- 1 tsp Chopped coriander […]

interesting game for kids

Interesting Game For Kids: Racing Pom Pom Balls

Racing pom pom balls is a nice and interesting game for kids, especially for a bad weather day when you can’t allow them to play the outdoor games. This is a nice indoor activity and can also be arranged in a birthday party at your home. Interesting Game For Kids Things Required: Colored maskingTape Pom […]

kanha ki meera janamashtami game

कान्हा की मीरा: One Minute Play Game For Janamashtami

This is a one minute play game for your Janamashtami theme kitty party. You can play it in your couple kitty party as well. This is a fun game and suits best for the kitty party in the month of August. कान्हा की मीरा: One Minute Play Game For Janamashtami Things Required Flowers Needles Thread Idol […]

team game for kitty party

Colored Tower: Team Game For Office Party

Colory Tower is somewhat a game like Polo Tower I shared sometime back. This is a one minute game and is best suitable for a family gathering or as a Team Game For Office Party. However you can also play this game in your ladies kitty party.  Team Game For Office Party Things Required Crayons […]

interesting kitty party game for rakshabandhan

प्यारे भैया: Interesting Kitty Party Game For Rakshabandhan

If you are looking for some Interesting Kitty Party Game For Rakshabandhan or game for rakhi celebration in your family, this game will suit your needs the best. Interesting Kitty Party Game For Rakshabandhan Things Required Plain paper sheets Pens How To Play This is a one minute kitty party game. Give one plain sheet to […]

kitty party paper game for rakshabandhan theme kitty party

Kitty Party Game For Rakshabandhan

Rakshabandhan is  soon approaching and some ladies might be looking for some interesting Kitty Party Game For Rakshabandhan. Today I am sharing a one minute game for the same. This is a bollywood game which is best suitable for the Rakshabandhan Theme Kitty Party. This game sheet includes the pictures of some less known celebrity brothers […]

shahrukh khan tweets

Shahruk Khan Tweets: Want A Train To Do Chaiyya Chaiyaa

King Khan Shahrukh Khan today posted a short video on his Twitter handle where he is singing, actually doing a lip sync to his super hit song Chaiyya Chaiyya. Shahruk Khan Tweets Stuck in Traffic wish my train was here….for the love of Chaiyya Chaiyya made this… — Shah Rukh Khan (@iamsrk) August 21, […]

Mrs. Funny Bones

Mrs. Funnybones Book By Twinkle Khanna Now Available at Amazon

Mrs. Twinkle Khanna (Akshay Kumar’s wife) is witty and has been working as a columnist in Times Of India for long. She has a wonderful style of writing, her wittiness and satirical style of writing made me her fan and I have been a regular reader at her blog too. Mrs Funny Bones: Full of […]

Janamashtami Game Kitty Party

Janamashtami Game: Spot The Differences

It is quite difficult to get some game on a mythological theme but I am still managing to get some game ideas for your Janamashtami Theme Kitty Party. Today I am sharing another one minute Janamashtami Game where ladies have to spot the differences in two pictures of Lord Krishna with his brother Balrama. Janamashtami […]

one minute play game janamashtam ikitty party

Jai Shree Krishna: One Minute Play Game Janamashtami Kitty Party

If you are planning a Janamashtami Kitty Party this month, this one minute game will suit you the best. Obviously the games have to be related to the Lord Krishna in this theme so today I am sharing a one minute party game where the kitty party members have to write Jai Shree Krishna with […]

one minute game kitty party

One Minute Bollywood Party Game: Smile Plz

Today I am sharing an one minute Bollywood Party Game for your kitty party. However, you can also play it as an office party game, birthday party game or a game in your family outings. One Minute Bollywood Party Game Guess the actresses with their smiles Guess the actors with their smiles Things Required Printouts […]

krishna janamashatami tambola ticket coppy

Krishna Janamashtami Tambola Ticket

On popular demand I have designed this krishna janamashtami tambola ticket today. This is pretty similiar to the Tapori Theme Tambola Ticket I designed a few days back. This tambola ticket has the lines from famous Krishna Bhajans and there are numbers written on the lines. Krishna Janamashtami Tambola Ticket   Things required Printouts of […]