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aam papad recipe

Aam Papad Recipe: Make Tasty Aam Papad At Home

After trying my hands on tangy jeera goli and chocolate pastries, today I tried making Aam Papad. Never thought making these tasty mouth freshener will be this easy. My younger son love eating the Aam Papad and I used to bring them every time I visit some fairs or melas, but thanks to internet where I […]

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teej paper party game

Teej Paper Party Game: तीज के शब्द खोजिये

It is August already and ladies are busy searching for the teej party games and ideas. Today I am sharing a teej paper party game for your kitty party. This is a word search game where the ladies have to search for the Teej related words from the letter grid. This paper party game is in […]

jeera goli recipe

Make Tangy Jeera Goli at Home

Hello friends, today I am sharing the recipe of tangy Jeera Goli which is loved by almost every Indian, especially the ladies. I often used to buy these jeera golis from the local fairs and today decided to find the recipe and make it on my own and to my surprise it was so damn […]

homemade chocolate pastry

Make Chocolate Pastry At Home in 10 Minutes

As my kids love chocolate pastries like anything, I finally decided to try making them at home. After seeing the idea of How to Make Mango Pastry at Home, I tried it with chocolate thing and yes it was a brilliantly successful idea. Read on to know the recipe of Chocolate Pastry. Make Chocolate Pastry […]

dirty minds paper party game ladies

Dirty Minds: Who Am I? Kitty Party Written Game in English

Dirty Minds: Who Am I? is a paper kitty party game in English which actually is a game of naughty riddles. This game has 21 naughty riddles and the answers are the things used in our day-to-day lives. This is a one minute party game and the ladies will get a minute to complete the […]

friendship day tambola game

Friendship Day Messages In Hindi

2nd August is friendship day and if you are looking for some new and latest Friendship Day Messages in Hindi. Do check my collection below- सबसे अलग, सबसे प्यारे हो आप्।, तारीफ़ पूरी ना हो, इतने प्यारे हो आप्। आज पत चला ये ज़माना क्यु जलता है आपसे, क्युकि हमारे दोस्त हो आप्।   ज़िन्दगी […]

instant khoya recipe in 17 minutes

Instant Khoya: Make Khoya in 17 Minutes

Have you ever tried making Khoya at home? Khoya which is also known as Mawa in some parts of our country is used in making many sweets and is also used in making the gravy rich. Read on to know the instant khoya recipe. Instant Khoya Recipe Making Khoya in the traditional is a very […]

hindi kitty party game

Hindi Kitty Party Game: Musical Paper Party Game

This is a Hindi kitty party game and is best suitable for all age group of ladies. You can play it in your couple kitty parties or in a family reunion parties too. Things Required Printouts of the game sheet image below Pens Musical Hindi Kitty Party Paper Game How To Play  To play this […]

instant rasgulla recipe kitty party

Rasgulla Recipe: Make Rasgullas at home in 15 minutes.

I never knew making the yummy, spongy and juicy Rasgullas was so easy and quick. I got this recipe from one of the Facebook group I have joined. This is a simple Rasgulla Recipe and everyone in my family loved it. Instant Rasgulla Recipe Ingredients Milk- 1 litre Lemon-half Sugar- two cups Water- 5 cups […]

friendship day game

Paper Game for Friendship Day Kitty Party

Now when the friendship day is near, ladies are looking for some suitable games for the same and today I am sharing a paper game for friendship day kitty party. This is a Bollywood movies based game where the ladies have to guess the Bollywood movies based on Friendship. All of these are super hit […]

friendship day tambola

Friendship Day Tambola: Kitty Party Games

2nd August, first Sunday of August is the friendship day and if you are planning to organize a friendship day theme kitty party, here is the special Friendship Day Tambola. Friendship Day Tambola Things Required Printouts of the plain tambola ticket below. Tambola numbers and board How To Play Get the ticket printouts according to […]