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Christmas Party Game For Kids

Christmas Party Game For Kids: Ball Race

Its mid of November already and most of the people around might be busy in planning the Christmas celebrations next month. If you are planning for a Christmas Party for Kids, try this Christmas party game for kids this year. I will name it – Ball Race. Ball Race: Christmas Party Game For Kids Source […]

one minute fun game

One Minute Fun Game: Penny Hose

Penny Hose is again a very popular minute to win it game and is best suitable for all age groups. It is a One minute fun game and thus the players get a minute to complete the challenge. One Minute Fun Game with PantyHose In this challenge, two coins are kept at the end of […]

1 minute party game

Yank Me: Funny 1 Minute Party Game

Yank Me is a very interesting and funny 1 minute party game and is suitable for all kind of parties and all age groups except the toddlers. The game seems to be easy but is easier said than done. What I mean is that it is not at all easy to complete this task and […]

christmas party game

Ribbon Roll: One Minute Couple Party Game

Ribbon Roll is a very nice and interesting one minute couple party game and is suitable for all kinds of parties, may it be a Christmas party, a housewarming party or even a couple kitty party. One Minute Couple Party Game As the image above shows, it is a couple party game and is to […]

chandelier christmas party game

Chandelier: One Minute Christmas Party Game

This is a tough One Minute Christmas Party Game and is suitable for your Office Christmas Party or Christmas theme ladies kitty party. You need just a few soft drink cans and a few plates for this game. This is a one-minute party game and thus the participants will get a minute to win it. […]

Childrens Day Games

Childrens Day Games: Funny Games For Kids

14th November is celebrated as Childrens Day and if you are arranging a party for the kids, you might be looking for some interesting and funny Childrens Day Games. Check out my list of 5 best funny games for kids, which you can arrange in your Childrens Day Celebration. Childrens Day Games Donut Race Doughnut […]

free printable Halloween Party Bingo

Free Printable Halloween Party Bingo

Halloween party games play a great role in the celebrations of Halloween traditions with your friends and family. Kitty Groups Online has more than 20 Halloween Party Games and today we are sharing the free printable Halloween party Bingo. Bingo has always been one of the most popular party games for a group of people. Below are […]

Office Halloween Party Game

Office Halloween Party Game: Prick The Mummy

There are plenty of ideas of Halloween party games for kids and teens, but there are very less ideas for Office Halloween Party game. Recently while surfing over the web, I came through an interesting Halloween party game for office parties. In office parties, we usually prefer playing a game where we ca involve everyone […]

Halloween party game for kids

Pumpkin Burst: Halloween Party Game for Kids

Pumpkin burst is a nice Halloween party game for kids as kids always love creating mess and running here and there. To play this game with kids in your Halloween party you need the pumpkin shaped and colored balloons. These balloons are easily available in the local stores during Halloween and also available on the […]

teen Halloween party game

Bobbling Worms: Teen Halloween Party Game

All of us know that  teens love having fun and the Halloween parties are the best place for such teen crowd to have fun. Bobbling worms is an interesting teen Halloween Party Game which requires less planning and brings great fun. Teen Halloween Party Game Image Source Bobbling for worm is kind of race game […]