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Office Halloween Party Game

Office Halloween Party Game: Prick The Mummy

There are plenty of ideas of Halloween party games for kids and teens, but there are very less ideas for Office Halloween Party game. Recently while surfing over the web, I came through an interesting Halloween party game for office parties. In office parties, we usually prefer playing a game where we ca involve everyone […]

Halloween party game for kids

Pumpkin Burst: Halloween Party Game for Kids

Pumpkin burst is a nice Halloween party game for kids as kids always love creating mess and running here and there. To play this game with kids in your Halloween party you need the pumpkin shaped and colored balloons. These balloons are easily available in the local stores during Halloween and also available on the […]

teen Halloween party game

Bobbling Worms: Teen Halloween Party Game

All of us know that  teens love having fun and the Halloween parties are the best place for such teen crowd to have fun. Bobbling worms is an interesting teen Halloween Party Game which requires less planning and brings great fun. Teen Halloween Party Game Image Source Bobbling for worm is kind of race game […]

fun Halloween party game teens

Bobbing Apples: Fun Halloween Party Game Teenagers

‘Pick the apples’ is a very popular game and suits best as a fun Halloween party game for teenagers. To make it more relevant to the theme, you can ask the guests to pick the apples with the scary Dracula teeth on or make them blindfolded. You can also add some blood red colored liquid instead of […]

Halloween party ideas

Halloween Party Ideas: Fear With Fun

Planning to host a Halloween party but aren’t sure where  to start? Don’t worry this blog post with some interesting and fun Halloween party ideas will help you in planning a scary and interesting Halloween Party. It is important to make the party scary as well as entertaining at the same time. These ideas will help […]

one minute paper game

Ek Villain: One Minute Paper Party Game

Today I am sharing a One Minute Paper Party Game for ladies kitty party. Indian ladies, usually prefer playing simple one minute party games in kitty party and Ek Villain is best suitable for Indian ladies kitty parties. Simple One Minute Paper Party Game As you can see in the image above, this one minute […]

Halloween party food idea

Radioactive Festive Punch: Halloween Party Food Idea

If you are planning a Halloween party at your home this year, do make the radioactive festive punch; the perfect Halloween Party Food. The perfect drink for the guests with a scary look, what else one can look for in a Halloween party. It is an easy to make fruit punch and is best suitable […]

halloween party game teens

Ghost Hunt: Funny Halloween Party Game For Teens

Ghost Hunt is a very funny Halloween party game teens. Entertaining teens is always tricky, you just can’t entertain them with silly kiddish games or with the interesting gifts. All they want is fun, so if you are planning to throw a Halloween party for teens, make sure you have some really entertaining Halloween games […]

how to plan halloween party for kids

How To Plan A Halloween Party For Kids

Halloween is just around the corner and its time to start with the preparations of Halloween party. If you are worried about  How To Plan Halloween Party For Kids, this piece of writing may help you out. How To Plan Halloween Party For Kids Scary Room: You can create a scary ambiance by making the room […]

diwali kitty paper game

Diwali Kitty Paper Game: दीपावली शब्दावली

As the name suggest this Diwali kitty paper game is all about the words related to Diwali or say Deepawali. It is actually a grid of letters written in Hindi which include 14 words related to the Hindu festival Diwali and  the challenge for the kitty members if to find those words in one minute. […]