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funny picnic games for big groups

Funny Picnic Games For Big Groups

If you are planning a outdoor picnic with your friends, family members of the colleagues, you might also be looking for some nice and funny picnic games for big groups. Picnic is all about fun and laughter. Playing some interesting and funny game can surely double the quotient of fun and laughter in your picnic. […]

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bra for backless dress

Bra for backless dress: Bra Hacks May Help You

Do you often wear the backless dresses? Do you buy the special bra for backless dress? What kind of bra do you wear with those? Do the backless bras solve your problems completely? These are some very common questions which I often think about before wearing the backless dresses, but today while browsing over the web […]

fun family game for Easter party

Egg Toss: Fun Family Game For Easter Party

Easter is just around the corner and the ladies are already busy in planning the Easter parties at their place. No Easter party is complete without the interesting and fun games for kids as well as the adults in the party. Today I am sharing a simple yet fun family game for Easter Party. This […]

tips to prevent cold and flu

Easy Tips To Prevent Cold and Flu This Season

The deadly Swine Flu is not yet controlled and we have another enemy Bird Flu to fight with. As far as I have consulted my doctors friends, no vaccines can prevent the flu cent percent, but there has to be some or the other way to stay away of the season’s cold and flu. After […]

funny game for bridal shower

Mitt Stockings: Funny Game For Bridal Shower

This is a very simple yet funny game for bridal shower party, however, you can play it in any of your parties. May it be your hens party, ladies kitty party, office party or anything else. The best part is that you won’t need much of the things for playing this game in any of […]


Which board to choose from SSC, CBSE, ICSE and IB? 

Choosing the board most suitable for your child can be a harrowing experience.Many parents are confused with which board to choose. There are namely four common boards like the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education), ICSE (Indian Certificate is Secondary Education), IB (International Baccalaureate)and the SSC (State Boards). A common misconception is that CBSE and […]


Club Holi Party With Friends

Holi is the time when we unwind, de-stress and bond with sweets, thandai and colours and when the Holi party is with friends, the joy, laughter and happiness gets doubled and trippled. The PST at our Lions Club of Agra Sangini recently organized a wonderful Club Holi Party with friends, members, and guests at a […]

fun party games for couples

Money Tissue: Fun Party Games For Couples

This is one of the simplest fun party games for couples in the party. The best thing is that you do not need to do any homework for this game, neither you need to collect more items for the game. You just need a few tissue papers and many coins to play this game in […]

Valentine Games

Simple Party Games For Couples

Nice and interesting party games can turn a dull and boring party into an exciting one, especially when it is a couple kitty party or any party where couples are invited. Today I am sharing some ideas of simple party games for couples. These simple fun games are easy to play yet will create a […]

theme party ideas for february

Perfect Theme Party For The Month of February

February is one of the best months of the year to have outdoor parties. It’s the month when nature says, “Let’s Party”. We had  a wonderful outdoor party in our club with ultimate decoration, funny games, lovely dance, gifts and delicious delicacies. Kitty Party Theme Idea For February Decoration: It was a lovely ambience. The […]

hindi game for kitty party

Simple and Interesting Game For Couple Parties

I am categorizing it as a couple party game but yes you can play it in your ladies kitty party as well. We played this game in our Valentines theme ladies kitty party. Hindi Game For Kitty Party  Make some slips and write some Hindi alphabets on them, like च, ब, ल, ट, म etc. […]