Crazy Party Games : Can You Handle A Carrot


Crazy Party Games . I have categorized this game in my list of party games rather than putting it into the baby shower games or bridal shower games as I think it will suit best for any group party. It might show a little of naughty game but that’s what the fun element it.

Crazy Party Games With Carrots

adult party games with carrot

This is an individual game and you can call all the players together to play this game. If you have divided the guests in teams, you can call one member from each team to play this party game.

This game looks simple but it is not that simple to play. There is no time limit in this game and it is more like a race. Call the members and make them stand in a line with a carrot hung to their waists. Now below the standing members, keep empty milk bottle. You can also use the small mouthed glasses for this game if you cannot arrange the bottles. This is one of the most hilarious party games in my lists.

Now when the game begins, the members have to insert the carrot into the bottle/glass completely. The member doing it first will win the game. If the number of guests in your party are more, you better divide them into teams to make it easily manageable and less time taking.

Try including this game in your list of crazy party games and do let me know how it created fun in your party.



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