New Year Party Games : May Your Time Card Wins


New Year Party Games. This is actually a lucky draw game best suitable for big groups. In the New Year Eve’s party we usually have large gatherings and it gets difficult to get some game for such big groups.

New Year Party Games For Big Groupnew year party games

For arranging this game in your New Year’s Party you have to do some homework. You have to write certain timings on the dinner coupons of your New Year’s Eve. For example if your party timings are from 9.00 to 1.00 you can write the timings like 9.02, 9.15. 9.18, 10.00, 10.12 etc etc. Make sure to write the timings in every coupon. Meanwhile in your party hall, keep a few alarm clocks set at different timings from 9- 1.00. Keep the alarm clocks near mic and when the alarm rings, the guest having that time slip will get a prize.

You can keep many prizes for this game and this cam will continue till the end of the party. You can arrange some funny alarm tones on mobile phones to create more fun in the party.



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