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Kaam Wali Bai Theme Written Game. Its the lockdown period still going on and the kitty parties are on hold for another month of two because the restaurants and hotels are not yet open. So while everyone is playing tambola on their WhatsApp groups, today I am sharing a paper party game that I played with my group on WhatsApp.

This paper party game is actually a Fill In The Blanks game where you have to fill the answers with the Bollywood movies. Since that day was my kaam wali bai theme tambola game I prepared this paper party game on the same theme.

This is actually a paragraph wherein a kaam wali bai is talking to the Sahab, man of the house and complaining about the memsahib.

So here goes the game-

Kaam Wali Bai Theme Written Game


The challenge for the players here is to fill in the blanks with the Hindi movie names. I am posting the answer sheet below and if you want this game sheet for your Whatsapp groups you can download it here.

                                          DOWNLOAD NOW

This is the answer sheet

Sahab main all kaam pe nahi ayegi. Aap achhe ADMI ho par MEMSAAB ekdum JANGLI hai. Pura din mere ko bolti hai ki baby see English mein beat karo. Saab main to HINDI MEDIUM mein padhi hu aapki tarah ANGREZI MEDIUM mein thodi. Bol deti hu PANGA nahi lens. Kal balti see thoda paani CHAPPAK karke gir gaya to HUlCHUL macha di two AURAT.

Kisi din HUNGAMA ho hayega bats de rahi hu main. Main apni pareshani batati hu to bolti hai ki KAHANI bans rahi hu main. Apni beti to all THAPPAD mari main to bolti hai ki main DAYAN hu, Batao apni AULAD ko hi to mara Maine.

Us din LUNCHBOX mein thoda sabun reh gaya to bolti hai ki mere DIL CHAHTA HAI ki tujhe 9211 kar du. Main to Khali apki INSANIYAT dekhke aa rahi hu. Aap achhe INSAAN lagte gain.

I hope you liked this kaam wali bai theme written game. Do let me know via your comments.

Also, do not forget to watch my kitty party game videos on my YouTube channel KITTY GROUPS ONLINE. 


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