Interesting Bridal Shower Couple Game: Candy Pass


Today I am sharing an interesting and hilarious Bridal Shower Couple Party Game. This is also a best suitable valentine party game for couples or for couple kitty party.

Interesting Bridal Shower Couple Party Game
Bridal Shower Couple Party Game

Things required

  • Candy with a hole (polo or life-savor)
  • Toothpicks
  • Small cups

How To Play

  • This is a couple game and each couple gets a roll of polo candy, two tooth picks, and a plastic cup.
  • The Couples have to unwrap the candy before starting the game.
  • Husband picks up the polo candy with the toothpick in his mouth and slides it to the toothpick in wife’s mouth.
  • The wife then has to shift that candy to the plastic cup kept on the table.
  • This is a one minute game and couples get one minute to win the challenge.
  • The couple who shifts the maximum number of candies in one minute will be the winner.




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