Guess the Fashion Brands: Ladies kitty party paper game


Ladies kitty party paper game : . Ladies would love playing this game and especially the brand freaks. Yes this paper party game is all about the fashion brand logos. This is a one minute party game but if you find it easy, you can give half a minute to ladies to complete the game sheet.

Below is the picture of game sheet and you can download the actual game sheet below from the download button. Though, i don’t find anything to explain in this game, but let me tell you what it is.

Ladies kitty party paper game :  with logos

ladies kitty party paper game
The member guessing maximum right answers in least time will obviously be the winner of this paper party game. Download the game sheet below and have fun.

[dl url=”” title=”Download Game” desc=”” type=”” align=”Game Sheet”]

[dl url=”” title=”Download Answers” desc=”” type=”” align=”Game Sheet”]



    • Hey Jyoti you can download the answers from the Download Answers button above. Just click on that button and you will get the document on your PC. Hope it helps.


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