Best Skin Care Products From The Face Shop at The Beauty Fest


Have you checked The Beauty Fest going on the Shoppers Stop?

Not Yet?


You will miss some amazing and best skin care products then.

The Beauty Fest at Shoppers Stop is showcasing exclusive Best Skin Care Products and my favorite brand there is The Face Shop.

Best Skin Care Products

When it is about the skincare range, The Face Shop is one of the best-known brands available in the market. The Face Shop is a Korean brand and has been a pioneer of skin care products worldwide. The beauty fest running on Shopper Stop has some exclusive collection of The Face Shop products which includes some great moisturizers, anti-aging eye creams, brightening creams, etc. and much more.

In this post, we will be learning about

  1. White Seed Skin Brightening Toner
  2. Essential Damage Care Hair Serum
  3. Yeshwadam Revitalizing Eye Cream

While there are hundreds of other brands selling the skincare range but what makes The Face Shop different is its natural products. The Face Shop uses the best natural products and blends it with science to create the best skin care products. So, if you are worried about the side-effects of using these products, rest assured.

Made with the finest active plants, the cosmetic product range of The Face Shop not just enhances the beauty of your skin but also protects it from aging.

I have been using The Face Shop makeup products lipsticks, contour and highlighters, concealers since long and am really excited to see the new range of skincare routine. I am 41 now and I guess I need the skin care products more than the makeup products now. I have already ordered some of my favorite products and am waiting for them to arrive so that I can give my skin what it requires.

I have ordered-

1] White Seed Skin Brightening Toner

It is formulated with some premium quality natural ingredients and will not just brighten my skin but will also give me a radiance by clearing away the dullness.

2] Essential Damage Care Hair Serum

Since I have been coloring my hair quite regularly for some time, its high time that I start using some good natural hair care product and this is what I have ordered this THE FACE SHOP Essential Damage Care Hair Serum from the Beauty Fest at Shoppers Stop. As per the description is given, this serum prevents hair loss and also brings the smooth and shiny look. Also, it strengthens the roots if used regularly.

3] Yeshwadam Revitalizing Eye Cream

I have puffy eyes and with my growing age, I am noticing the increased puffiness and fine lines and dark circles under my eyes. This revitalizing eye cream will supposedly improve the blood circulation and restore my youthful skin around the eyes.

I am really looking forward to getting these products so that I can start using them and get my glowing youthful skin back. I will also be reviewing the products individually on my blog so stay tuned and keep visiting.

Also, very important. The Beauty Fest is ending on 10 September so if you haven’t yet checked it, hurry up and hop onto The Face Shop at Beauty Fest.

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