WhatsApp Puzzle: Who is the killer


Here is an interesting WhatsApp puzzle who is the killer which might have already arrived on your WhatsApp groups or might be on  the way. This is a crime scene puzzle where you have to find out who is the killer.

WhatsApp puzzle who is the killer ?

Its the scene of a restaurant where there is a dead body of a girl in the bathroom and 5 people are seen in the restaurant. 4 of them are the customers and one is the waiter. Now seeing the picture you have to guess who among these five can be the killer. You cannot give the vague guesses because then you have to give a specific reason for your answer too.

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The killer her is the guy sitting at number 4 and the reason is quite clear. His shirt is torn and the torn piece is in the dead girl’s hand.

So this was the answer to this interesting WhatsApp puzzle who is the killer.

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