Teej Written Kitty Party Game: Solah Shringaar


This is a requested game. A few of my readers wanted me to make this game for their Teej theme kitty party. Although I have already shared many Teej Theme Kitty Party Games, this one is a simple and nice game too. This is a basic word search game for your Teej party where you have to search for the 16 shringaar items, solah singaar what we usually call it.

Teej is all about the solah singaar only so this game will suit your teej kitty party for sure, but you can also play this game in your Karva Chauth theme kitty party which we usually have in the month of October or November.

Teej Written Kitty Party Game

As you can see there is a grid of letters in the image above. This grid includes the solah singaar names among which most are the common ones but a few are some uncommon words. This is a one-minute game challenge and the members have to search for all the sixteen words in one minute. You can keep it of 30 seconds as well if you find it easy.

You have to get the printouts of the game sheet according to the number of members in your kitty party. You can download the image above by right click–> save image as on your phone or computer and then get the printouts from any cyber cafe nearby.

Now the member who finds the maximum correct answers in the given time will be the winner of this game. Below is the answer sheet of the game above. You can download the answer sheet in the same way. This is a nice and simple Teej Written Kitty Party Game suitable for every kitty party, be it your own kitty party or your mother’s kitty party. It is a simple game which can be played with every age group of ladies.

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