Hand Game: Perfect Camp Activity For Kids and Adults


I still remember that we used to play this Hand game when we were kids, in fact, this was one of the most popular games among kids because it can accommodate as many kids as we want and can also be played with fewer kids.

This can serve as a good team building game or a camp activity both for adults as well as kids. All you need to play this game is a good space and your buddies.

Camp Activity for Kids and Adults

hand game perfect camp activity for kids and adults

Ask everyone to sit on the ground making a circle and keep their hands on the ground, as shown in the picture above. Now ask everyone to take their left hand and cross it to the hands of the person sitting next to them. This makes every other hand in between other members hands.

Now to start the game, any one member will tap on the ground. If he taps once, the member on the right will tap his/her hand and if he taps twice the person on left will tap. The game will go on and if someone makes a mistake that person will take one hand behind the back and will play with one hand. You will keep playing till you have all members out of the game and you get a winner.

This is a perfect time filler or in fact a game to be played in a rainy day when you can’t really go out for anything. If you are bored of the games like Dumb Charades and Antakshari, this hand is just the perfect choice for you. Do try this game in your picnic and let us know how your buddies liked it.

Feel free to ask if you have any doubts on this camp activity or any other party games here on my blog. I am right here to solve all your queries of party games and ideas.


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