Funny Picnic Games For Big Groups

funny picnic games for big groups

If you are planning a outdoor picnic with your friends, family members of the colleagues, you might also be looking for some nice and funny picnic games for big groups. Picnic is all about fun and laughter. Playing some interesting and funny game can surely double the quotient of fun and laughter in your picnic. The two games I am sharing here suits best to the picnic, especially the outdoor ones.

Funny Picnic Games For Big Groups

The two games I am sharing today include-

Ball Relay Gamefunny picnic games for big groups

Call all your friends and divide  them into two or three teams according to the strength of guests. Ask them to lie down on the floor as shown in the picture above. This is a ball relay game and thus you need a two balls to play this game. There is no time limit and  the challenge for them is to pass on the ball using their legs. Remember, that they are not allowed to use their hands to pass the ball. The picture above may make it more clear. You can however also include this game in your list of Birthday Party Games for Kids as kids usually love doing such stuff.

Tug of Far

This is one of the most common game being played in outdoor picnic since years and is undoubtedly a very nice game indeed. You just need a strong rope to play this game. Divide your guests into two teams and give them a side of rope each. The challenge is to pull the rope and the team who pulls the rope to their side first will be the winner of this game. Tug of war game is also suitable for the birthday party of kids but make sure that you don’t play this game indoor as it kids may fall here and there which may break the artefacts in your room.



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