Makar Sankranti Word Search Game


This is a simple and suitable Makar Sankranti Paper Game for your makar sankranti or lohri theme kitty party. This is a word search game where you have to make a letters grid wherein you will hide some words related to Makar Sankranti. This is a simple game idea and you can make the letters grid at your home also.

Makar Sankranti Paper Gamemakar sankranti paper game

I am making a letters grid here for you and you can download this grid and get the printouts as per the number of members in your kitty party.

The challenge for the kitty members here is to search for the maximum Makar Sankranti related games from the grid. The member who searched the maximum number of correct words will be the winner.

Below is the answer sheet of this game where the answers are marked in red color. 

So, this was our Makar Sankranti Paper Game for your kitty party in the month of January. Do like this post if you like the game idea and do leave a comment below if you have any doubt in this game.



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