New Tambola Dividends : 10 Ideas to Make Tambola Games More Interesting


Tambola Dividends .  We have been playing Tambola games for ages now and to be very honest got bored of the old and common tambola dividends like early five, lines, corners and houses. Everyone wants to play tambola with some new and interesting ideas. While I added some of the interesting tambola dividends in my previous post ‘Popular Tambola Dividends Played In Kitty Party’ but today I have a few more ideas for you.

Checkout the new Tambola Ideas and Tambola Dividends

  • 123 (Tambola Dividends)

In this dividend the players have to give a call if they cut first number of first row, first 2 numbers of 2nd row and first 3 numbers of third row.

Tambola Ideas

  • Anda – Danda (Interesting Tambola Dividends)

In this tambola dividend the players will give a call if they cut all numbers with zero in it. For example in this ticket we have just one number with zero, that it 70.

Danda ( the stick)- In this tambola dividend the players will give a call if they cut all the numbers with 1. For example we have numbers 11, 15 and 21 here. When the member gets these three numbers cut he/she will call DANDA.






  • Bamboo – In this tambola dividend the members can claim a prize if they get all the numbers in their middle row cut.



  • C . I. D  Tambola Dividends

All numbers of first line, all numbers or first column and all numbers of last line. This makes a C.

All numbers in first line, all numbers in middle column and all numbers in last line. This makes an I

All numbers in first column, all numbers in first line, all numbers in last column and all numbers in last line. This makes a D

The images below can explain well.



I LOVE YOU Tambola Dividends

First number in first line, first 4 numbers in second line and first 3 numbers in last line makes I LOVE YOU (143)



Budhapa – Jawani  Tambola Dividends

Numbers from 1- 50 comes in Jawani and numbers 51-90 comes in Budhapa

jawani budhapa

King’s Corner-  Queen’s Corner

The numbers in first column makes it kings corner and numbers in last columns makes it queens corner

kings corner queens corner


    • Hello Sangita the theme sounds cool but I am sorry I don’t have any ideas presently for this theme. I would surely think about it and post here on my website. Keep visiting

  1. Hi,can u pls mail me sum ideas abt games n tambola tickets related to Reliving childhood theme for ladies kitty party.

  2. Can u pls suggest me Teej theme tambola with some different dividents ideas nd also some activity games idea for Teej kitty party as soon as possible

  3. Shiwangi
    Well done.
    Love your new ideas – the patterns are brilliant + the names made me laugh.
    My wife & I haven’t played Tambola since we were kids, but we are planning to start our own Tambola evenings at our new art hub in the deep south coast of Goa.
    Low in experience & knowledge, we are desperately seeking a helping hand from an enthusiast with a creative mind.
    Will WhatsApp you next month (June 2017), after we return from our travels.
    Look forward to connecting with you and sharing ideas on ‘raising the game experience’for our 3 key customer segments : tourists, kids & our local community.
    Till then …

    • Thanks a lot for such a lovely comment Rahul 🙂 I have been to Goa only once and am absolutely in love with it <3 <3 <3 Feeling so good to know that my blog will help you in making your evenings ever merrier in Goa 🙂 Feel free to contact me for any kind of help 🙂

  4. Hi i am organising a party of 30 people at my home which includes 10 couples and 10 children. Can u suggest some fun tambola games?

  5. Hi shivangi,
    I just love your ideas and the way they are explained make them so easy to execute…
    Can you please suggest me some games for a princess themed kitty party


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