Popcorn-Cranberry Garland: Funny Couple Party Game


If you are looking for some simple yet funny couple party game, try the game ‘Haar Manuhaar’. You can play this couple game in any of your couple gatherings, may it be a family picnic, a festive occasion or a small housewarming party. To play this game you just need many packets of popcorns, needle and threads. You can call all the couples together to play this game. This is a one-minute couple party game and so, the couples will get one minute to complete the challenge.

Funny Couple Party Game

couple party games

Call all the couples in the playing area and give them two needles, thread, cranberries and two packets of popcorns. Now the challenge for the couple is to make the popcorn garlands in one minute and put them in each other’s neck. The only rule is that they cannot use two popcorns consecutively. They have to make the garlands with one popcorn and one cranberry then one popcorn again and so on. The couple who make the maximum number of garlands in one minute will be the winner of this funny couple party game. Don’t count the garland which is still in making after a minute.

Funny Couple Party Game

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You can play this game with newspapers also where the couples have to make the garlands with newspaper instead of popcorns and cranberries. It is fun to be played with all couples at one time.

Hope the game is clear to you all and if you have any doubt in  this couple party game or any other party games in my website, you can leave a comment below in the comment box. I am right here to solve all your queries regarding party games and help you in organizing an interesting kitty party.





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