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Fun One Minute Party Game : Connect The Words

Paper party games or Fun one minute party game can make a kitty party hit. On huge demand of the members of Kitty Groups Online, I am here with a paper party game for Karva Chauth theme kitty party. I once played this paper party game in some kitty party but it was on some other theme and I have modified it a bit to make it suitable for the karva chauth theme.

Fun One Minute Party Game: Words Connect

Fun One Minute Game
Click to enlarge

Check out the image here to know the game. You can see a heart here with some blank boxes and a word is written in the center of the heart. You can see many other words scattered around the heart. Now what you have to do is to connect these words and write them in the blanks. The game will start with the word ‘Anguthi’ and will end at word ‘Karwa Chauth’. This is a very interesting and fun one minute party game best suitable for the Indian ladies kitty party. The best part is that it suits to all aged ladies but make sure that you explain the game properly before you start your stopwatch.

For example – Anguthi- Sagai-……. ….-Karva Chauth.

I hope the game is clear to you. If not, feel free to ask me. Leave your comment below in the comment box and I will clear your doubts.

You can keep first and second winner for this paper party game. One minute time is enough to play this game. If you have any doubt regarding this fun one minute game, download the game sheet and the answer sheet from the buttons below. And if you still have any doubts, leave a comment below in the comment box, I will get in touch with you soon.

[dl url=”https://kittygroups.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/connect-the-words.jpg” title=”Download Answer Sheet” desc=”” type=”” align=”Game Sheet”]

In any case if you cannot download the game sheet or the answer sheet, do let me know and I will mail you the sheets seperately 🙂

Keep enjoying your kitty parties 🙂


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      1. Hi Shivangi…i didnt undstand the game properly.cud u pls sent me the solution of this game along wth som valentine theme games..
        Thank u.

        1. Hey Pallavi this is a simple game and I have mailed you both the game sheet and answer sheet. Check them and I am sure you will understand the game and if still you have some doubts you can always mail me 🙂

          1. Hey Shivangi 🙂 Just fund ur awesome games blog !!! Please can u fwd me the details too coz I m having a ladies pre valentine party soon 🙂 Thanks !!

          1. Hey Rageeta its just the connecting words games we used to play in our childhoods. You will start from Anguthi then look for the word connected with Anguthi that is sagai…then look for the word connected with sagai which is aakarshan..the game will end with karva chauth. Download the answers and you will understand the game completely.

  1. hello ji can u plz send me the answer of this game. i want one more help from u i want practicle game and fun game based on same theme krwa chauth

          1. Hi shiwangi
            Plz mail me answer for this.this game is really interesting. Even I want some funny nd interesting games for navratri theme kitty

    1. Thanq Rupali. You can get the answers just by clicking on the ‘Download Answers’ button in the game page itself. Keep visiting to get more of such games or rather subscribe to get the latest games in your mailbox.

    1. The Game is simple jyoti..its just the connecting words games we used to play in our childhoods. You will start from Anguthi then look for the word connected with Anguthi that is sagai…then look for the word connected with sagai which is aakarshan

  2. how to fill the heart start with anguthi but some other words are also there which can put in the heart give some more explanation pls,

    1. It is a simple connecting words game Suneet. You will start from Anguthi then look for the word connected with Anguthi that is sagai…then look for the word connected with sagai which is aakarshan and it will end with Karva Chauth..You can download the answers from the button above. Do let me know if you still can’t.

  3. Good Evening,
    This is a very interesting game and i am planning to do this game for my kitty party.
    Can you please send me the answers.

    1. Hey Ankita..Christmas and New Year are still far. Presently I am making the games on Diwali and Karva Chauth. Will soon start posting the games on Christmas and New Year. Keep visiting

  4. Hi shiwangi… its a wonderful game.. can u pls send me a game similar to this on rajasthani theme.. and any other games too.. i have my kitty on 25th.. thanks

    1. Hey Honey sent you the game sheet and the answer sheet in mail. Thnx for the comment and pls join the kitty group to get the regular updates on games and kitty party themes.

  5. Hi Shiwangi loved the way u hv promptly answered everyones questions… lovely game . can u help me . i am having a theme party ‘ China Town ‘ can u suggest me words that can be used for this or any other games tothe theme .

    1. Hey Upasana sent you both game sheet and the answer sheet. Check the answer sheet and you will understand the game. Feel free to ask me if you still have some doubts 🙂

  6. Hi shiwangi…..lovely game,can u suggest me games for bold n beautiful theme. …and wanna play same game with words change plz tell me how can I

  7. hieee Shiwangi …i like your concept online kitty party …but i m not to log in in website want to be connect n can u help me …this connect word game karva chauth game …can u send answer to me

  8. Hi shivangi how r u I m Sakshi Maine aapke ideas dekhe it’s interesting but can u send me mail of kitchen queen game with ans sheet thanks but Todha fast

    1. Thnx Seema..sending you the game sheet and answer sheet of this game and you will understand it. It is a very simple and interesting game to be played in kitty party.

    1. Hey Savita, April month includes Easter and Baisakhi. You can throw a kitty party on these themes. Will soon post some games for both baisakhi and Easter theme. Stay Tuned

    1. Hey Chhaya mailed you the game sheet as well as the answer sheet. Hope it helps u understanding the game or else pls feel free to ask your doubts by leaving a comment here in the comment box.

    1. Hey Bharti mailed you the game sheet and the answer sheet. M glad that you liked the game 🙂 please keep visiting to get more of such interesting kitty party games and ideas.

    1. Mailed you the answer sheet as well the game sheet dimple. Hope it helps understanding the game. It is an interesting one, trust me and play it in your kitty. I am sure your friends will like it 🙂

  9. Hi Shivani can you please mail me the answer to game sheet & also can you suggest some other games for couple’s kitty.

    1. Thanks Vinita mailed you the game sheet as well as the answer sheet. You will understand the game once you check the answer sheet. Do let me know if you need any other help

  10. hi, shiwangi thanks for the answer-sheet. i like your games very much. it will be good if you could you please post some one minute luck games for kitty party. thanks a lot.

  11. Hi! I am not clear with this karwa chauth game can u pls help me n also mail me the game sheet n answer sheet…..

  12. Hey….the game seems really interesting…but a little difficult to understand….could u plss send some details….nice work…thanks

  13. hi shivangi,
    i love your blog…i understood this game and even can explain it to kitty member but thing i am not able to understand is how to check answer will it be each member recite it or what.

    wont it turn out to be boredon

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