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Tambola Games : Karva Chauth Theme Tambola Game

karva chauth tambola storyKarva chauth tambola games . October 22rd is Karva Chauth and most of the Indian women will plan their kitty party this month as Karva Chauth Theme Kitty Party. I am getting many mails and messages from the Kitty Groups members to post a Karva Chauth Theme Tambola Game and so here I am with one story Karva chauth tambola games . You can download this special tambola game story from the ‘Download Story‘ button below.

Karva chauth tambola games 


I have made this Karva chauth tambola games for karva chauth theme Kitty. Unlike the other tambola games you do not need to call out the numbers here. You will rather dictate the famous Karva Chauth story for this tambola game. I have actually amended the original karva chauth story a bit to suit best with tambola games. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s emotions by modifying this karva chauth story and it was just a small try to make a suitable tambola for karva chauth kitty party.

The Special Tambola Game story goes like this-

“A long long time ago, around 90 thousand years back there lived a beautiful princess by the name of Veeravati. When she was of the marriageable age 21, Veeravati was married to a king of 27 years. On her marriage she got too much jewelry pieces from her father which included 37 arm bands, 46 waist bands, 57 rings, 67 anklets, 77 bangles, 56 necklaces and 66 earrings.

On the occasion of the 1st Karva Chauth after her marriage, she went to her parents’ house which was 49 miles away”

You can see certain numbers here in the story. The dividends for this tambola game will be simple ones like three lines, early seven, corners and house. To bring more of theme suitability in the game you can sing the famous karva chauth song whenever a member gets a dividend. “Ley Veero Kudiye Karvada, ley karwada vataiye….”

This is just a small part of the story and you can Download the complete karva chauth tambola story below from the ” Download Story’ button. 

These numbers will act as the tambola numbers. I hope I have made myself clear here. If you have any doubt about Karva chauth tambola games you can leave your comment below in the comment box.

[dl url=”https://kittygroups.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Karva-Chauth-Theme-Tambola.doc” title=”Download Tambola Story” desc=”” type=”” align=”Game Sheet”]


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        1. Oh just noticed that you need it by today only. So in that case shipa I am very sorry I dont have any bollywood tambola ready yet. Meanwhile you can keep it that ways that when anybody get a dividend they have to sing a particular song instead of saying yes. I know this wont be much exciting but it will a bit of fun at least. Keep some chirpy songs for every dividends..like for first line you can keep it – pehli nazar mein pehla pyar ho gaya.
          second line – tum mere paas hote ho to koi dusra nahi hota.
          third line- dialogue (kitne aadmi the sardar–3)
          Early seven- saath samundar paar main tere peeche peeche aa gayi
          house- yeh tera ghar yeh mera ghar

  1. hi, shiwangi, i hav 2 plan akitty on karvachauth theme on 1 october. pl. help me out, i want some easy & enjoyale small group games. waiting eagerly 4 your reply

  2. hi shiwangi…..liked the story on karva chauth and everybody enjoyed it …..thanks so much giv…can u help me in making a story on santa and banta …and a little funny

    1. Hey Shveta I am glad that you and your kitty members enjoyed the story or Karva Chauth. I will try making a Santa Banta Story with some funny jokes. Do share your experiences and games on our official FB page and help me making this community big.

  3. Hi shiwangi….can u pls mail me d whole story on my mail as I’m not able to download it on my android phone…..
    One more request do u have story on southindian theme or Kerala theme?

  4. thanx shiwangi…..apart frm this karvachauth story,do u hav any other story based tambola call outs…like this one…any story which includes 1-90 numbers….

  5. Thanku for d mail..hey plz suggest me some name according to the theme of krva chouth..basically my emphasis is on wearing bangles..

  6. Hi Shivangi…..dis karvachauth story tambola idea is amazing1….but dear i cudnt dwnload it….please do help me♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡♥♡

    1. Hey Ritu, nice to see you here. You might have visited the website with your Smartphone I guess. Well don’t worry I am maliing you the story right now. ENJOY and do not forget to tell me how your kitty members liked the tambola. Furthermore you can also buy the Karva Chauth Tambola Tickets< /strong> to make this tambola even more exciting. Do let me know if you want to buy these tickets.

      1. Thnx a lott shiivangi… It’s really a wonderful story tambola game. Can I ask u 4 one more favour… Do u have any Hindi story tambola? If yes den plz mail me

        1. U r always welcome Kesar but I am sorry I don’t have any story in Hindi as I am very bad at Hindi typing. This is a very simple story and you can easily translate it into Hindi.
          Enjoy and do let me know how your members like this story tambola game.

  7. Hi shiwangi. I hv viewed all the games that u hv posted above.All r nice Bt please send me some different and interesting paper tambola games for ladies kitty. Send some paper games with images related to karvachauth, Diwali & Bollywood.

  8. Hi Shiwangi i liked your karva chauth theme tambola but i am not able to make how to play this game between 20 members as all members will have numbers so at same time everybody will have offers

    1. Hello Amita..the tambola tickets for every member will be different so how will everybody claim the offer simultaneously. Just distribute the 20 tickets in your 20 members and instead of saying the numbers from tambola board narrate this story.

  9. hey shiwangi….ur site is quite innovative..really enjoyed it…bt i need a favour..do u have ths story written in hindi as well…my family kitty is on 18 oct..it will b gr8 if u can make it in the mean while..thnks

  10. i m not getting the button to download the story.i really like this karua chauth theam tambola.i m planing to play this tambola on karua chauth in my small ladies function. so can u pl mail it as soon as possible?

  11. Hey Shivani
    Plz mail me the karwa chauth story … i need it tomorrow .

    Also if u can mail the krishna nd horror stories too. …it will be really really nice .


  12. I’m unable to download the story. Would you have any other theme of tambola story? Pls mail me any other themed tambola story. Thx

      1. hey can i pls have a bollywood and lord krishna based tambola story. i have to organise a 50th wedding anniversary party next week

  13. please help me with a story based tambola game. i have a golden jubilee party of my grandparents next week. i am looking for either a bollywood or krishna based story for tambola.. plss help asap…

  14. Hey shiwangi..
    m unable to download story…
    I need a horor n krishna based story also…
    please suggest some games or ideas for sangeet nyte

  15. hi.. awesome effort…
    I m not able to get the download story button… can u plz help..
    can u plz also suggest games to b played in a bus route of 5-6hrs with 30 baaratis..

  16. Hi, can you please email me the story. i am unable to download the same.

    also, i want to compliment you for the lovely and innovative idea’s. great job!

  17. thanks a lot shivangi. i liked your site a lot. how can i join your group.
    can u also make a suspense story tambola. if preferable in hindi

  18. hey i am unable to download the karva chauth story, please help as soon as possible. pls mail if possible soon.

  19. Hey I am unable to download the karva chauth story . It’s a great one. Please mail me the story as soon as possible. It’s urgent

  20. Hi Shiwangi. Your website is simply superb. I have difficulty in downloading the tambola based karva chauth story.Can you please please please mail me the whole story asap. I need it very urgently,


    1. Hi , thanks for a prompt reply….but when i press the download button…it is not opening or getting downloaded..please help

      1. Hey Hema, thanks for liking my website. I have copied and sent the story text in your mailbox, just copy it from your mail and paste it on the word file in your system. You can take help of any cyber cafe for this. Do let me know if you need any more help.

  21. Hey….how r u doing? your ideas r great. i am not able to download the karvachauth themed based tambola….please help…thanx

    1. Thank you Renuka for leaving such a lovely comment. I am glad that you liked my ideas. Mailed you the tambola story and let me know if you need any other help for your kitty.

  22. Hey Shiwangi. .pls mail me the karva chauth story..m not able to download it..n yeah these ideas which u share are really fantastic n helpful..pls mail me the story soon as I have my kitty in two days.

    1. Thanks for such a lovely comment sonam. I love sharing my ideas here on the blog and it always makes me happy when it helps you all 🙂 Mailed you the story. Enjoy

  23. Hi shiwangi….trying to download this tambola karva chauth story but the webpage not showing download story button. Pls email me the story. Thanks a lot for such interesting inputs. Looking forward to more such stories. Great work .

    1. Hello Vaishali,mailed you the story. Thanks for visiting and leaving such a nice comment. It feel great when my readers get some help from my website. Glad to know that you like my ideas 🙂

  24. hi..shivangi….u hv really great ideas wid u n I really appreciate you for sharing it with others….I m unable to download the story could u plz mail me

    1. What are you looking for Neha. This is a karva chauth tambola story and has to be played with simple tambola numbers and board. I think you have some confusion. Do write to me if I can help you.

  25. Hello shiwani
    Its my daughters 1st birthday on 18th n I am willing to make d guests play dis story tambola can I please have a story for my game in Hindi…I ll be really thankful to u…

  26. Hello Shivali
    Can you please mail me the karva chauth story. The download button doesn’t work on the phone.
    Thanks a lot

  27. hii shiwangi,

    i need a tambola story for my chacha sangeet function, story should be based on couple..
    plzz reply me soon…

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