Karva Chauth Kitty Party Games

karva chauth kitty party games

Karva Chauth is on 11th October and all Indian ladies are preparing for their Karva Chauth Theme Kitty Party with some interesting Karva Chauth Kitty Party Games. After getting too many emails and messages from readers worldwide,  today I am sharing a few Karva Chauth Party Games. These games are related to the items we use in Karva Chauth like the bindi, bangles, Mehandi etc.

Karva Chauth Kitty Party Games

karva chauth kitty party games

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Geet Gata Chal- I have named this game as Geet Gata Chal because, the player has to singthe songs in this particular game. Take a decorated pot (matki) and keep all little suhag items like mehndi cone, bangles, bindi, Kajal, flower, mala, ring,etc. Now call each member separately and ask her to pick one item and to sing the maximum number of songs on that item. Who so ever sings maximum songs is the winner. This is a one-minute kitty party game and thus, the player will get only one minute to sing songs. Also, the rule is to sing at least one complete line of the song. You can play this game individually or in teams. If you have teams you can call one member from each team to play.

Karva Chauth Queen –This is one of my favourite Karva Chauth Kitty Party Games. This is a points based game where the host will sing a poem and other ladies will get the points accordingly. The ladies with maximum points at the end will be declared as the Karva Chauth Queen and will be given a crown to add more fun.

The poem

Milkar karenge hum ek mazedaar kaam,Hai to yeh ek khel magar iska nahi koi naam. 

Sakhiyo aj manayenge hum karva chauth ki khushiya,Milenege 5 points jisne peheni hai matching jutiya 

Agra heel hain badha lo points 6, gata lo seedhe 10 agar jutiya kaali hain 

Chanchanati payal dilwayengi apko number 9, aur 4 aur bante hain agar apke baal khule ho. 

Ek chutki sindoor ki kimat tum kya jaano ramesh babu, dilwayega use yeh 8 jiski maang par yeh saja ho

Milenge 10 number agar apne mangalsutra hai pehena, Aur ghata lo 5 agar nahi hai yeh gehena. 

Mehandi ke milenge alag se 10 number, aur 10 aur jod lo agar 24 se zyada chudiya hain haatho par. 

Kaano mein lambe jhumke ke milenge number 4, Aur kaat lo 2 safety pin ke har baar 

Saree walo ko milenge number 8 (aath), Aur payenge 4 agar matching purse ho saath 

3 number humne rakhe hain lambe nails ke, 3 aur milenge agar saje hai who matching nail paint se 

Khatam ho gayi kavita saari, Jiske ho sabse zyada points aage aajaye sakhi who pyari.

Try these exciting Karva Chauth Kitty Party Games in your kitty party in the month of October and do let me know how your friends liked them. You can also play these games in your Navratre Theme Kitty Party.




  1. Thanx shiwangi for ur mail…pls let me kniw the orice for karwa tambola tickets abd in how many days can u send them if I give the order to u

  2. Hi shivani, very nice poem….
    Kya aise koi poem birthday party ke liye bhi bata sakte ho ….birthday party jisme bade aur bacche dona ho

  3. Hii shiwangi.. Very nice poem.. I really like it.. Can i get some more games for karwavhauth event… Plss reply me as soon as possible..

  4. Hi Mam,
    Nice Poem and nice ideas…but mam i want to know Some snaks nd welcom Drinks Ideas for this theam…yes decoration also….

  5. Hello Mam,

    I am suppose to put up my kitty in October so i want some tombola ticket for this kitty theme ur idea is good but i want some thing more interesting kya aap meri help karoge….. mujhe kuch tambola ticket chiye jo karwe ki thali ke jasi ho …..

  6. Hii mam… i usually follows u…. ur games are very intersting…. pls suggest me some new idea to get karwa chauth queen…. 2017…



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