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back to school theme tambola tickets

Theme Tambola Tickets . If you are planning to throw a back to school theme kitty party, these specially designed tambola tickets will suit the best for your kitty party. The tambola tickets for school theme are designed in the form of a black board and lovely pencils.

Theme Tambola Tickets

The black board shaped tambola ticket suits best to your back  to school theme kitty party and moreover you can play these special tambola games in any of your kitty party or even in the birthday parties. Don’t you think kids would love playing tambola with these lovely and attractive tambola tickets. These designer bingo tickets show the dividends as per subjects – English, Hindi, Maths and Science.

As we usually keep three lines in our housie games, here in this designer tambola ticket you can keep the dividends as subjects. Apart from these lines, you can also keep the common tambola dividends like early five, blood pressure etc. Click here to know more about Latest Tambola Dividends.

Black Board Tambola Tickets

back to school tambola tickets


Pencil Shaped Tambola Tickets

In these pencil shaped theme tambola tickets you will get the numbers written in three lines as you get in a normal tambola ticket. You can keep the dividends according to your games. These designer theme tambola tickets suit well to your theme kitty party or even in a birthday party.
school tambolaThese designer theme tambola tickets are available for sale. Do leave your comments below in the comment box if you want to place your order for these tickets. We have a specialised team to make the customized tambola tickets, so please let us know if you want to order any special design tambola tickets for your kitty parties, office parties or even for the birthday parties.




  1. please let me know the cost of the black board tambolla tickets and pencil shaped tambolla tickets for a minimum we are just 20 of us in our kitty party


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