Valentine Games : Two Partners Two Legs


Valentine Games . This is one of the best Valentine Games to be played in Valentine Theme Kitty Party. This is a couple game and hence you can play it in your couple kitty party or any couple gathering where you have invited both husbands and wives. Although I think that you can also play this game in ladies kitty parties but it might be a difficult for ladies to stand on one feet.

Valentine Games For Couples

Valentine Games

In this game call all the couples on the dance floor and start the music. When the music stops in between the couples have to stand on only two legs. Got me?

I mean that when you stop the music all couple have to stand on two feet instead of four. For this they can pick each other or both can stand on one feet or whatever they can think of. The couple who fails to stand on two feet will be out and the last couple left will be declared as a winner of this game.

We played this game in our couple kitty party and it was immense fun. Try playing this game in your Valentine theme kitty party and let me know if your members liked it or not.



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