Summer Tambola For Ladies Kitty Party

summer tambola game idea ladies kitty party

If you are looking for some ideas of tambla game for your summers theme kitty party, I have something for you. I just designed a summer tambola for ladies kitty party and hope that you like it.

Summer Tambola For Ladies Kitty PartySummer Tambola For Ladies Kitty Party


Things Required-

You just need to download this ticket on your computer or mobile devices and get the printouts from any nearby cybercafe.

How to Play Summer Tambola

  1. Give one ticket to each member in your kitty party and ask them to write 4 numbers in on each item (icecream, juice, cold coffee and coconut water).
  2. start calling the tambola numbers.
  3. The dividend in the summer tambola ticket are-
  • I want Ice-cream- when they cut numbers written in ice cream.
  • I want Juice- when the numbers written on juice are cut
  • I want Cold Coffee- When the numbers written on cold coffee are cut.
  • I want Coconut Water- When numbers written on coconut water cut.
  • Happy Summers- When all numbers in the ticket are cut.

Download the image of Summer Tambola Ticket below and get the printouts.summer tambola game idea ladies kitty party





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