Childhood Theme For Kitty Party – Best Themed Party To Have Fun


Childhood Theme Kitty Party . Prepare all your party games in accordance to the theme and also make the kitty party decorations according to it. You can also keep the cuisine according to the childhood theme, such as the ice-cream, magi, burger, French fries and the other things that kids often like.

Childhood Theme Kitty Party Decorations

You can decorate you party with different balloons, table mats with kiddish designs and you can also use the crockery according to the kitty party theme.

I have a few things here which you can buy to make your themed kitty party a great hit. These supplies are reasonably priced and you can buy them directly through these links.

Games For Childhood Theme Kitty Party 


Party Game #1kitty party themes

Crossword- Make a crossword puzzle with the names of the kid’s movies in it or you can keep the baby animals search. For example Harry potter, Spiderman, Superman etc. Give the paper game to both the teams and give the one minute time limit. The team who finds the maximum numbers of kids movies in one minute will win this round.

Party Game #2

Calculation game- This is again a paper party game. In this the embers have to add, multiply or divide to get the important dates. For example- make a sheet with the important dates-

1- Independence day- republic days?

2- Pack of card———–=?


Number of kauravs

Party games3

Jumbled sentences-shuffle up the starting line of the kids rhymes and ask the teams to solve it. This is also a paper party game for one minute. The team which solves maximum rhymes in one minute will win this game. For example-

a. Witnlke wintnlke title rats=twinkle twinkle little star

b. Onyjh Onujh sey aaapp- Johny Jhony yes papa

Party Game #4

Shifting the marbles- Keep many marbles in a plate and keep one empty plate with it. Call one member from each team one by one and ask them to shift the marbles from one plate to another using just their foot thumb and the first toe. This is also one minute game. The member of the team shifts maximum number of marbles will win this round.

Party Game#5kitty party themes 2

Balancing water on the toy car– For this game you need a toy car with the rope. This is very common as kids often play with it. Keep a glass filled of water on the car and ask the member to move the car. This game is played by one member of each team one by one and the member who takes the car without spilling the water will win the game.

Party Game#6

Bursting The Balloon- This is one of the best party games I have ever played in my kitty parties. Call one member from each team, and tie some balloons in one member’s legs, and tell him to hop around a big table or any specified area. The opponent member has to burst the balloons. Now tie the balloons in the leg of member who was bursting the balloons, and the one who tied the balloons first has now to burst them. The time limit is one minute generally, but you can adjust it according to your suitability. The member who burst more balloons in the given time will earn a point for the team.

These Party Games can be arranged according to the place you are organizing your kitty party and also according to the member you have in your kitty. Just show your creativity and add some more spice in your kitty party.

Enjoy and do let me know how was your childhood theme kitty party  🙂


  1. Hi I like ur ideas a lot especially the karvachauth theme tambola.can u plz make the childhood tambola with a story containing all numbers.thanks a ton

  2. Hi Shivangi…
    I liked your theme idea Childhood, and is planning for the same..
    Can u plZ give me some ideas for housie tickets, how to make them??
    As in our last kitty theme was red carpet.. So the housie tickets that we made were in shape of a gown and in the same colour scheme the one the host was wearing.. So, it was very creative..
    Can u guide on similar lines for childhood theme..

    • Hello Neha, I am glad that you liked my ideas. For the childhood theme kitty party, you can keep the tambola tickets in shape of a blackboard, pencil, any cartoon character or in the shape of Toy cars or dolls.

  3. Hi , can u send me ideas for childhood Tambola tickets for kitty !! Thanku so much !! Looking forward for ur creative ideas


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