Ladies Kitty Diwali Party Games

ladies kitty diwali party games

It is a festive season of Navratri and Diwali and Indian ladies, usually, want to plan some interesting Ladies Kitty Diwali Party Games in their kitty party. Playing some interesting festive games actually double the fun of festivities and so I am sharing a few Diwali Party Games today here in my blog which may suit best to your Navratri theme ladies kitty party too.

Ladies Kitty Diwali Party Games

Swastik Makingladies kitty diwali party games

This is a one-minute ladies kitty party game and the challenge of ladies is to make the maximum number of Pious Swastika in one minute using the match sticks. You can also keep it as making swastika using roli (sidoor) or flowers. It is one of the easiest Ladies Kitty Diwali Party Games and suit best to the festive seasons.

Mata ke bhajan

This is another one of the simplest yet best suitable Ladies Kitty Diwali Party Games for the occasion of Diwali, Navratri or Karva Chauth. For this kitty party game, you first have to make a list of mata ke bhajans and make some chits. Write half line of a bhajan in one chit and make another chit completing the line. This way if you have 20 bhajana, you will have to make 40 chits with half a line each. Now take a pot (matki) full of kala chana and put all the chits in that. This is a one minute kitty party game and the challenge for ladies is to take the chits form the pot so as to make a complete line. The member who picks the maximum number of correct chits will be the winner of this ladies kitty diwlai party game.

Hope you liked these Ladies Kitty Diwali Party Games. Do try them in your kitty party this festive season and let me know how your members and friends liked it. Do write to me at if you need any help regarding your kitty party games or themes.



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