Hand Made Tambola Tickets for Diwali Kitty Party


Tambola tickets diwali kitty party . Diwali is fast approaching and I am sure all my lovely friends might be busy arranging their Diwali theme kitty party. Kitty parties is one of the most common entertainment source for Indian women. Gone are the days when we used to arrange simple kitty parties with simple and plain tambola tickets. There are many different designer tambola tickets now available which can bring a spark of entertainment in your theme kitty parties.

Since Diwali is nearby, throwing a diwali theme kitty party would be the best idea. If you are the one among those ladies you also might be looking for some good and interesting Diwali Tambola Games. Check out the best designed lovely handmade Tambola tickets diwali kitty party.

Tambola tickets diwali kitty party

Tambola tickets diwali kitty party These diwali tambola tickets are made with theme crackers. One of these tambola tickets show the ladi bomb and other shows anar bomb. These tambola tickets will surely create a great entertainment in your diwali theme kitty party.

You can keep special diwali phrases or diwali songs making it special Tambola tickets diwali kitty party. For example for early five you can keep the call as – diye jala liye, for first line you can set the call as- rangoli bana li, for second line- safai kar li, bottom line call can be- pathake le aye and the house has to be HAPPY DIWALI.

Make a rule that no member can call YES for any dividend. They have to say the pre-decided phrase or song only, or else they won’t get the tambola dividend prize.

These Tambola tickets diwali kitty party  are available for sale. Leave a comment below if you want to but these tickets for your kitty party.

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    I stay in chennai and I need 100 Tickets. I had contacted you early but still did not get any reply.
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