Navratri Special Kitty Party Game

navratri kitty party game

After getting too many emails and messages, I am finally here with a Navratri kitty party game for all the lovely ladies who are my loyal readers. I have made this game with some Bollywoos navratri songs. This is basically the same game as I have made on other festivities like Diwali Bollywood Game or Holi Bollywood Game.

Navratri Kitty Party Game Bollywood Songsnavratri kitty party game

It is pretty clear with the name and the image that the game is about Bollywood songs. This is a written kitty party game basically where the players have to identify the songs and the movie names. The image and the game sheet contain 11 songs pictures which are related to Navratri and Garba. This is a one minute party game and thus, the players will get only one minute to complete this challenge. If you want you can keep it only as identifying the name or the movie or you can keep it for both song and the movie. It’s totally up to you. You can also change the time limit from one minute to half a minute if you find the game very simple. It is best suitable Navratri kitty party game for all age groups.

If you have divided your kitty members into teams, give each team a game sheet and explain them the game before you start the time. If you want to play it individually do take the prinouts according to the number of kitty members in your ladies kitty party. Distribute the game sheets and explain the game. Start the stopwatch and when the time is up, ask everyone to keep their pens down.

You can download the game sheet from the Download button below. I hope the game is clear to you and if you have any doubt you can leave your comment in the comment box below.

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