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16th birthday party ideas

16th birthday party ideas. I am getting many mails and messages for the 16th birthday party ideas and today I decided to put up a post on this topic. If you are looking for some nice, simple, casual and inexpensive birthday party ideas for your 16 years old ward, this post will end your searches.


Sweet 16th Birthday Party Ideas

16th birthday party ideas



  1. Slumber Party (Sleepover)– This is one of the coolest party ideas for this age group. You can keep it simple and cool. Invite all your friends at your place for a night out. Enjoy the party with lots and lots of gossiping, snacking , dancing and fun. Get some tasty snacks to double the friend. Do plan some Slumber Party Games to make your 16th birthday party a great hit.
  2. Movie and Dinner- If you are not having a long list of friends to call upon, you can plan a movie and a dinner with some of your close friends on your 16th birthday party. Decide for some good and popular movie in the town and select some good restaurant for dinner. Going to a new place will increase the fun level but make sure the food there is good.
  3. Pool and Rain Dance Party- This could be one of the best 16th birthday party ideas if your birthday falls in summers. Having fun in pool and rain dance is something awesome. If you can’t arrange a pool party, you can also go to some waterpark with your close friends. Also if you have a lawn in your place you can arrange some summer water games and activities to enjoy the rain dance party at home.
  4. Dance Party- Decide on a banquet hall room and rent it out for the night or you can also book a good disco in your locality to have an interesting Dance party with your friends. Dancing on the dance floor with lovable friends gives immense pleasure and you can double the fun by adding some dance party games
  5. Picnic Party – No matter how is the weather, one can always enjoy with friends. On your 16th birthday you can take your friends for a picnic to some nearby picnic spot. Listen to music, play Frisbee, badminton, cricket, go down the slides, and swing on the swings.  Decorate the park with streamers and balloons and you can also play some Picnic Special Games.  Bring a cake, and everyone will have a relaxing day!  This day is sure to be lots of fun in the sun!
  6. Theme Party – If you are in a mood of throwing some big party in a hotel, make it a themed party. As we are talking about the 16th birthday party ideas, the best party themes would be Halloween Theme Party, Sports Theme Party, Jungle Safari Theme Party, Bold and Beautiful Theme Party, Hawaiian Theme Party.  
  7. Campfire Party – If you have a beach in your town, head to the beach for your 16th birthday party!  This is an inexpensive and relaxing 16th birthday party idea!  This will be a day long party where you all can spend the day playing in the water and combing the beach and in the night , have a BBQ a campfire!  Tell stories as you get to know your friends even more
  8. Amusement Park Party– 16th birthday is a big birthday, so go out with a bang! You can go to the amusement park with your friends!  Go on all the rides, and have your favourite food. You will surely have great time with your friends in the amusement park.
  9. Casino Party – For your 16th birthday party you can create a mock casino! Decorate the party hall with casion party supplies, round tables and casino color like red, black, and white.  You can also rent  slot machines and poker tables, also ask your friends to dress as if they are going to a casino. Keep some Casino Theme Party Games to add on the fun. Serve mocktails and some tasty snacks. Pretend to be 21 on your 16th birthday party and have fun. 
  10. Talent Show- Organizing a talent show is one of the most wonderful 16th birthday party ideas. Every friend or guest will participate in the talent show and the fun and laughter quotient will just be doubled. The birthday girl or boy will judge who is the winner among the participants. You can be silly, witty and funny with your friends in this 16th birthday talent show party. 



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