Jungle Safari Theme Party : Exciting Theme For Ladies Kitty Party

Jungle Safari Theme Party

Jungle Safari Theme Party . It is one of the most exciting theme party ideas for ladies kitty party. You can also arrange it for your kid’s birthday party or for your couple kitty party. Check out the the Jungle Safari Theme Party Ideas below and have a rocking kitty party this month.

Jungle Safari Theme Party IdeasJungle Safari Theme Party

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The Invitations for Jungle Safari Theme Party

The invitations can be in the shape of a tree or any animal. Write something like. This is your passport for a Jungle safari filled with fun and excitement. (Your Name) will be leading an expedition through (your address- adding “Africa”). The safari theme party adventure starts at (time). OR Swing on in for a Jungle Full of Fun . . . at our rainforest abode When: DAY Time: TIME Where : LOCATION Ain’t no doubt about it, You’ll have a RRROARING Good Time!

Decorations For Jungle Safari Theme Party

Deck your safari theme party area with safari-colored balloons (brown, tan, green and yellow) and same colour streamers. You can buy 16 Pack of Latex Balloons (8 Brown & 8 Green) or the  Inflatable Jungle Animals for your Jungle Safari Theme Party. 

jungle safari theme party suppliesjungle safari theme party balloons

At the entrance to the safari theme party, you can also put up your own homemade sign post with lots of arrows pointing in different directions, such as “Kaziranga —> 200 kms” and “Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary —> 120 kms”, etc. You can keep inflatable toy animals like Gorilla, Lion or Tiger and have them guard your party entrance. The party hall can be decorated with the tree leaves and branches. Use chalk to draw big animal footprints on your driveway and leading to your front door. Place tiki torches all around your yard and everyone will feel as if they’re in a rainforest .

Dress Code and Activities For Jungle Safari Theme Party

Ask your guests to dress up in khaki clothes and whatever safari-ware they like.

Game-1 Cut Copy Paste : This is a team game .Put sets of 5 magazines on each table laid out for the participants. Ask the participants to cut and paste the pictures of as many animals as they find in those magazines. The team which is able to find the maximum number of pictures of the animals is the winner.

Game-2 Going On a Safari : Ask the guests to sit in a circle. The first player says “I’m going on a safari, and I’m going to pack _______ example: mosquito repellent, then the next player repeats the first players item, then adds another of his own like binoculars. This way the players keep adding an item. Any player that forgets an item is out of the game.

Game-3 This is a paper game:

You can give some alphabets to your guests and ask them to write the names of animals and birds starting with those words. The guests who writes the maximum number of names is the winner. As a variation, you can ask your guests to draw the animals and birds. The guest who is able to draw the maximum number of animals gets a prize.

Game-4 Is Jungle Se Mujhey Bachao:

Have several challenging competitions organized like the game show ‘Is Jungle Se Mujhe Bachao’ minus the creepiness. Have a 1 kg cake eating competition /1 Liter pepsi bottle drinking competition/ Sweets eating competition /Balloon inflating competition or a chilly eating competition, whatever is possible for you to organize.
Game-5 Animal hunt : Divide the players into “animals” and “hunters”. Give ” the hunters” the balls. “The hunters” try to hit “the animals” with them. “The animal hit by the ball is out of the game. The task of “the animals” is to catch the ball on the spot.

Menu for Jungle Safari Theme Party:

You can have anything that you like for the menu. Just make sure you use plenty of green vegetable and food colour and give cute Jungle names to your dishes to give your party the desired ‘Jungleey’ look


  1. Thanks Chanchal 🙂 This party theme idea is from one of my online kitty members Garima Bhatnagar..You too can share your party ideas and games if you want. 🙂



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