Halloween Theme Kitty Party Games and Ideas


Halloween Theme Kitty Party Games and Ideas is what today I am writing about. I am going to add one of the most interesting theme in my list of ladies kitty party themes. Yes ! Halloween theme is indeed very interesting theme for your kitty party. To arrange this theme in your kitty, you would need a dark hall with very dim light. A disco would be perfect for this theme where you can adjust the lights accordingly.

Halloween Theme Kitty Party Games and Ideas

Dress-code for Halloween Theme Kitty Party

Ideally the dress code for this kitty party theme is some Halloween costume with some horrified makeup but if your members not agree for the same you came keep it as completely black or to be dressed as a Zombie.

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Halloween Theme Kitty Party Decorations

You can decorate your party hall with skull, ghost made of white dupatta or saree, artificial eyes & fingers etc. Another attraction in this theme is the drinks you serve. Make sure that you serve some red mocktail which looks like blood. You can make fake blood for various games.

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Fake Blood Recipe– 3 cups water, 2 2/3 cups flour, 2 tablespoons red food coloring, 1/4 teaspoon green food coloring, 3 cups vegetable oil, 2/3 cup cocoa powder.

Halloween Theme Kitty Party Games

Find your fingers– For this game you would need some artificial fingers which are easily available in the market or you can also make these at home. Other things you would need for this game would be noodles. Boil the noodles beforehand and put some edible red color in that boiling water so that your noodles will turn as red earthworms.

Halloween kitty party games

Halloween kitty party games

Now keep those noodles (earthworms) in a deep bowl and mix the fingers in that so that they are not easily visible. You will already have the dim light in the party hall. If you have 2-3 teams make sure you have different bowl of noodles for each team.

Now call one member from each team and give them one minute to find the fingers hidden in the noodles. The only rule in this game, is that the players can use only their mouth to find the fingers. This is one of my favourite Halloween Theme Kitty Party games.

Hit the eye- This is a kind of dart game, but I have modified it with the theme. What I did is that I made some 10-15 eyes from chart paper and used them as the dart board. Now get some small balloons and fill them with red colored water and stick it in the place of eyeball. Now call one member from each team and give them 3 darts each. That means they will get 3 chances to hit the eye. They have to hit the eye so that the balloon bursts and the red fluid (blood) flows down the eyes.

Cut the fingers blindfold- 

Halloween kitty party gamesSounds scary right? But that’s what our kitty party theme is. For this game you would need artificial hands with five fingers. Again you can get it from the market but if you want you can make it from the dough in your kitchen. As the name suggests you have to call one member from each team and blindfold them. Give them each a knife and they will get 3 chances to cut the fingers in one shot. They can’t touch the ‘Hand’ they just directly have to hit the knife like a butcher.

The member who does it well will grab a point for her team.

Help your partner – For this game you would need a tub full of red colored water resembling blood, a chain, a lock and a key. Now call two members from each team to play this game. lock one partners hands using the chain, lock and the key. Now the other member will dip her mouth in the water takeout the key and free the partner. The time limit for this game is two minute and let me tell you that it is not easy to get the key under the water. You can provide them swimming glasses if you want and don’t forget to take many hand napkins with you. The team which does the task in minimum time will grab a point for their team. This is one of the toughest Halloween Theme Kitty Party games.

Collect the items- You can keep the items as it suits to you like you can keep 4 buttons, 4 small keys, 4 jelly toffees or any small thing. Now keep 4 different boxes with just a small opening to insert a hand. In the four boxes keep 4 different fillers like-

1st box- flowers, toffees, buds etc. (nice things)

2nd box- red colored noodles with plenty of fake blood, if possible add some real cockroaches or insects in it. (it will be great fun)

3rd box – Peeled grapes with plenty of fake blood

4th box- stones, iron nails, lots of ice and water.

Arrange them as you like. Now add your 4 items, one in each box. Call one player from each team and ask them to collect the 4 things in one minute. Make it as difficult as you can. After one member plays the game, shuffle the boxes so that next player is not ready with what is coming with the boxes.

Murder Mystery

Plan a murder mystery and spread the evidence somewhere in the hall and call the teams to find the evidence in one minute. The team doing it first will win this game. This is one of the interesting Halloween theme kitty party games.

So these were my games for horror theme kitty party. Hope you liked them. Please leave a comment below if you have any doubt in any game above. I will be more than happy to help you out.

Enjoy !!!





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