Kitty Party Themes : Bold and Beautiful Theme Kitty Party


Kitty Party Themes . Sounds fun isnt’ it !! Yes it was a great fun. It was my own kitty party which I arranged as Bold and Beautiful Theme Kitty Party.It was an ultimate fun kitty party with lots of laughter and hilarious games.

Dresscode for Bold and Beautiful Theme Kitty kitty party themes

Making it not so bold, I kept the dresscode of the kitty party as western attire with some bold (really bold) makeup and hairdos. I divided my kitty party members into three teams – Bold, Babes and Beauties. This was one of my best kitty party themes ever arranged in any of my kitties.

Party Games for Bold and Beautiful Theme Kitty Party

As the name for the theme was ‘Bold and Beautiful’ I decided to keep all the adult party games for this party and trust me all the girls was so much excited and enthralled playing this game that it made my kitty party a super hit one. Let me now proceed to the party games.

Paper party game : connect the words

This was the first game in my kitty party and trust me everyone loved playing this game. It was a written party game and I kept it as an individual game.  Read More

Kitty Party Themes
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Naughty Brainteasers

This was a team game and I gave one sheet of brainteasers to every team with a time limit of 2 minutes. This sheet contained 15 naughty questions with double meaning answers. Read More 

Hit the Orange Harder With Bananakitty party themes

This is a racing game in a way. I called one member from each team to play this game. Tied a banana with a string on the waist of each member playing the game. Now gave them each one an orange. I drew the finisher line to finish the race and make them all stand at the start point of the race. This was an ultimate fun game and ladies had great time playing these. Read more

Burst The Balloonskitty party themes

For this game I got many balloons bloated for this Game for Bold and Beautiful Theme Kitty Party. I kept all the balloons on a table and call two members from one team. Gave them the time limit of one minute. One of the members was stand facing the wall and the other member took a balloon and ran to burst the balloon on the bums of member standing. Read more

Broom and the Rollkitty party themes

This was the best of all the kitty party games we played in this kitty party. You will need a few brooms and many tissue paper rolls for this adult party game. If you are planning to call the couples one by one to play the game, you will need only one broom but if you wanna call more couple all-together you will need more brooms. Read More

Blindfold Kisskitty party themes

As the name signifies this is a blindfold game where you will call the members one by one and tie a bandanna on their eyes. Before than take any poster of actor ( if you are playing this with ladies) or actress (if you are playing with men). Read More

If you have any kitty party try this theme from my list of kitty party themes. Do let me know if you have any doubt about any game. Also please leave a comment below if you liked my idea of Kitty Party Themes : Bold and Beautiful Theme Kitty Party.



    • Hey Minal for which game you want the answer sheet. Sending you the game sheet and answer sheet of heart game-connect the words. Do let me know if you want any other answer sheets.

  1. hi shivangi ……………….this is sapna here i am arranging a twins theme kitty party can u suggest me tambola n wat kind of decoration should be done .my kitty is on 15 of april

  2. Hi shivangi…..this is shraddha……..ur games are awsum,can u pls.suggest me some nice games for fashion theme kitty party……….waiting for ur reply

  3. SHiwani. Hi….its lovely the am…I want to keep this theam in my kitty… I want one more funny one minute game ….plz suggest me

    • Sure can write
      “Get ready with bold make-up and a high bun,
      Let’s get naughty and have some fun.
      We will play games and be bouncy too
      We will do everything a girl likes to do.
      For beautiful girls to join us would be great,
      There’s lots more inside, so don’t dare to be late.

  4. hie
    I loved ur games and had choosen the bold and beautiful thee for my kitty with adult games too.
    jut wanted to complete it wth the theme tambolo.
    can u please suggest me few ?
    thank u in advance

      • hi shiwangi thanx 4 the reply .. i m keeping the games like:
        blindfold kiss
        naughty brainteasers
        one word 2 meaning- this 1 word 2 meanings game is like ;
        pencil brand/ lord of dance – answer is natraj
        tat wat this game is like .n i kept this in the bold and beautiful theme just coz i want them beauty is nthng without brain .
        what do u think is these games fine ???
        can u suggest me some more intersting games . 1 or 2 wil be fine for me .
        shuld i change my theme name or is this fine .
        i wil be glad if u can help me out with these .

  5. Hi dear thanks for the reply .. Plz suggest me one more game for bold and beautiful kitty theam except the games u hv mentioned..plz reply soon

  6. Hi dear……your games are very interesting…..I have my couple kitty in the month of June….can u plzz suggest me sm theme n good games

  7. Hi
    Want to speak with u dear….n price of these bra n bikini shaped tambola tickets ….plzzz…urgently need 25 on 10july 2015 for my Goa theme kitty

    • Hello Raji, thanks for the comment. I am glad that you liked my idea. For bold and bful the members can also wear some sexy sarees with deep cuts and bold makeup. Western wear will also do.

  8. Hi shiwangi.planning to-do bold and the Beautiful theme. Can you suggest will it be good if I add blue and pink dress code? Please reply

  9. HI, is this still active site? I am looking games and ideas for bold and beautiful theme kitty or the beauty queen theme..any help is appreciated


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