Summer Theme Kitty Party : Beat the Heat with Summer Retreat

designer housie tickets

Summer Theme Kitty Party . What theme are you planning for your kitty party this summers? Wait, if you don’t have any idea in your mind, try the idea of Hawaii Theme Kitty Party. This theme suits well to the scorching summers and your kitty members will definitely love  this theme.

Summer Theme Kitty Party Ideas

The Invitations for Summer Theme Kitty Party

The invitation cards can be in the form of sun ,palm trees, surf-boards or tropical flowers. Write..

“Dive right in for a Fun Party!


It’s time for you all to beat the heat At our summer retreat.

You may also attach a small bottle of sun screen with your invitations.

Decoration and dress code for Summer Theme Kitty Partyhawaii theme kitty party


Use plenty of beach balls and colorful balloons and hang them from the trees. You may also create a mini beach with playground sand and pool sets . Decorate picnic tables with colorful paper table mats and dishes. Use margarita glasses with twisty straws for the look of a cool summer party .

Activities and Games For Summer Theme Kitty Party

Hawaii Theme Tambola :  Check out the lovely and very attractive Hawaii theme housie tickets in the image below. Who the hell will wan to throw away the tickets after completing the game. I bet you will take them to home.

designer housie tickets

These lovely designer housie tickets are available for sale. If you want to place an order for the tickets kindly leave a comment below in the comment box. Believe me these tickets will make your kitty parties even more interesting and fun filled.

Check out the Summer Theme Tambola Games Here

Game-2 The Tacky Tourist Race : This is a team game . Put sets of “tourist gear” containing items like a beach hat, sunglasses, skirts, shorts, Flowery half shirt , pail and shovel, toy camera etc. Have your guests divide in teams. For this relay all team members begin at a start line. One member from each team has to run towards the table on which the tourist items are kept , come back with one item and give it to a member of his team who has to wear all the items .The team whose members do their job first gets to win.

Game -3 Memory Game : Keep some items like goggles, sunscreen, lip gloss, fairness cream and caps etc on a tray. Show the items to all your guests. After one minute cover with the towel and give the players one minute to write as many of the items they can remember on their piece of paper. The person who remembers the most items, wins.

Game-4 Paper Artist : Give your guests some glazed papers and scissors and ask them to make paper flowers. This can also be a team game .The team which makes the most flowers in one minute gets to win .

Game-5 Hawaiian cocktail competition : This is a team game. Divide your guests into team. Give them the basic beverages like a bottle of soft drink, soda and juice along with some lemons and knife. Also provide them with an attractive glass, colored straws and stirrers, if possible. The team which is able to make the most innovative and good to taste mock-tail in two minutes gets to win .

Ideas For The Menu for Summer Theme Kitty Party : Snack on fresh fruits and vegetable-dips for light appetizers. A summer theme party offers a wide variety of cool beverages to choose from.There are many easy to prepare mock-tails that can fetch accolades to your party .As for the food, having an English menu is a good idea.

This theme party idea is suggested by one of my regular readers Garima Bhatnagar. You can also share your ideas and games here if you want. Do leave a comment below if you liked the Summer theme kitty party ideas.


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