Sports Theme For Kitty Party – Funny And Interesting Kitty Party Theme

sports theme kitty party games and ideas

Sports theme for Kitty Party is my personal favorite party theme. I love sports and this kitty party theme is basically based on various sports. This kitty party theme can be best executed in an open area, so it would be great if you can arrange some open ground area in clubs or some resorts for this themed kitty party.

Well, here I am mentioning the sports theme kitty party games and ideas on the whole, but you can also go for some individual theme as cricket theme or football theme or more.

Sports theme kitty party games and ideassports theme kitty party games and ideas

Dress Code For Sports Theme Kitty Party

Ask all your kitty members to come in the sporty wear such as a track suit, or any particular team costume of cricket or football or any other sport.

Here are some special party games related to the Sports Kitty Party Theme-

Party game 1

Dodge Ball– This is a very interesting and well known party game. One team will make a circle and the other team members will stand in the circle. The Outer team has 5 minutes to touch the ball to the other team members below their knees. Use the basket ball. Similarly, play a round with inner team out and the outer team in the circle. The team who touch the ball to the members feet in the maximum number will win this party game.

Party Game 2

Catch the ball– In this game each team will play individually. One member will hold many balls in hand and stand backward the other members of the team will stand behind her. The member with balls will throw the balls one by one and the other members will catch it. The team catching the maximum balls will win this party game.

Party Game 3

Stick the picture-This is a paper game. Give each team a paper, glue and pictures of the players and the sports. Give one minute time and ask the members to paste the right player with the right sport. Such as Sachin Tendulkar with cricket, Maradona with football etc. Keep as many pictures as you can. The team pasting maximum number of right pairs will win the party game.

Party Game 4

Pass the ball– Here whole the team will stand will stand in a circle facing outwards and will be blindfolded except the last member in the circle. In the middle of the circle keep a bucket. Now you will give one member a ball and she will then pass it to the member next to her with her hands backwards. Then you will give her another ball she will pass and so on. The last member will throw the ball in the bucket. Time is 5 minutes.

Party Game 5

Identify the player-This again is a paper game. You have to make some twisted pictures using the computer graphics of the players. The teams have to identify the players turn by turn; The team identifying the maximum players will win. Or you can use the cartoons of the players too.

Party Game 6

Basket ball with vacuum cleaner– Take a vacuum cleaner with you and many balls. Keep the balls in a bucket and keep another bucket a few steps away. Each team will send a player and she will pick one ball with the vacuum cleaner and put in the bucket kept away. The time is one minute.


    • You can decorate the hall with sports items like bat and ball, football, basketball, or maybe a badminton net if you have that much of space. Additionally, you can also paste the posters of famous players. hope it helps 🙂


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