Sleepover Games : 10 Best Games For Slumber Party (Pajama Party)

sleepover games

Sleepover games. A slumber party is an overnight party in which guests, especially girls wear nightclothes, socialize and spend the night at a friend’s home. These slumber parties (often termed as pajama parties) gets more exciting with some interesting sleepover games, music and dance fun. Check out my list of 10 sleepover games to make your slumber party a great hit.


10 Sleepover Games For Pajama Party


  1. Handle the Broom

The slumber party or the sleepover party is basically enjoyed and organized by the teens and thus the sleepover games ought to be full of fun.  Handle the broom is an interesting game to play in a slumber party. You will need a few brooms and many tissue paper rolls for this adult party game. sleepover gamesDivide all your friends into couples and call the pairs to play this slumber party game. One of them will hold the broom between the knees and other member will hold the tissue paper roll in between the knees. The member with the broom in his/her knees will push the broom and try inserting the tissue paper roll into the broom. The picture below will make the things more clear. The pair of friends who manages to insert maximum number of paper rolls in the broom in one minute will win be the winner of this exciting sleepover game.

  1. Stick and Shift

This is a team game and you have to make teams before you start the game. Make the whole teams stand in two different lines facing each other. Place two table on each side of the hall and keep two bowls filled with cotton balls on one side and two empty bowls on the other side. kitty party gamesOn the table where you keep the bowl with cotton balls, also keep a big bottle of vaseline. When the host shouts START, all the members of team will come one by one->apply vaseline on the face-.dip the face in the cotton bowl and run to the table on the other side to shed the cotton balls there in the bowl. The basic game is to shift the cotton balls from one table to other.

3. The Number Game

This is one of the 10 best sleepover games for your pajama parties as it is based on music and dance. To play this game, you must have around 8-10 friends in your party.

dancing party gamesMore are the people, bigger is the group, funnier will be the game. Start the music and call all the members to dance on the music. Just like we do in the musical chair dancing game, stop the music after every short duration and call out a number. The guests dancing on this dancing party game for groups then have to group up in that particular number

4. Break The Tower and You are Out

For this game you have to bring many of polo candies and keep them all on a table. Now ask all the players to make a circle around the table. sleepover gamesNow how the game goes is; every member will keep one candy and will make the tower. Now the player whose candy will break the tower will be out of the game. In the end you will get the winner for this party game. This is one of the best party games for big groups and brings a great fun if arranged properly. This is one of the best sleepover games and ideas to have fun and enjoy.

5. Hit a Sixer to Win-

This is again one of the best sleepover games for your slumber party. For this game you need to do some homework beforehand. You will be needing a packing tape and many small gifts. sleepover gamesAs we are arranging this game as one of our slumber party games, get some cosmetics like nailpaints, lipsticks, shampoo bottles, powders, eyeliners etc. as gifts. Now wrap all the gifts in the packing tape and make a huge ball. Make all your friends sit in a circle first and keep the ball with you first and give any member the dice. She/he will roll the dice, and if she gets the number six, she will get the chance to unwrap the big tape ball. She will get the gifts she unwraps and till then if someone else gets six, she will snatch the ball and start it unwraping.

6. Love Lock Sleepover Game

Divide your friends in pairs for this game. Call a pair to play this funny slumber party game. Ask them to lock each other backwards and sit on the floor. sleepover gamesSo, this is the position of the players before the game starts. Now, this is not a one minute party game but you have to look for the time a pair take to get up in this posture. The couple which manages to get up in the least time will win this funniest of the sleepover games ever.

7. Save Your Balloons game for pajama party 

 This is an individual game; call everyone on the dance floor and give them each a balloon. Ask everyone to tie the balloon in their feet. Start the music and make them dance. slumber party gamesNow announce that everyone has to burst each other balloons while dancing keeping their balloons intact. The player whose balloon is not burst till the end will be the winner.

8. Craziest Cherry Game

This is one of the craziest sleepover games or say slumber party games. Girls love being naughty when there are in a pajama party with friends. This is again a game to be played in pairs so you have to divide your friends into suitable pairs. Slumber party gamesGive each pair a cherry and ask one of them to tie it on her/his waist with a string. The player who has cherry on her waist will stand and the other one will sit down as shown in the image below. Now the task is to catch the cherry from mouth and eat it. The pair who does it first will be declared as the winner.

9. Blindfold Makeup-

Call two friends at a time to play this slumber games and give them a blindfold bandanna and a makeup kit. Include all the possible cosmetic items in the makeup kit like lipsticks, eye shadow, blush, glitter, lip gloss, kajal, maskara, moisturizer, concealer, foundation etc. sleepover games for slumber partyThe players will get one minute of time to play this game. In this one minute one of the two players will get blindfold and do makeup on other player’s face. The pair doing the best makeup in one minute will be declared as the winner of this bridal shower game. This is a very interesting sleepover game to be played in pajama party.

10. Blindfold Kiss-

As we all know teen girls just want to have fun, no matter how and where. This is an individual game but won’t take much time. To play this game, paste a poster of some film star on the wall. Valentine GamesNow blindfold all of them and make them stand in a line, also ask everyone to apply a dark red lipstick on their lips. Now all of them will come one by one and kiss the film star in the poster. The girl who kisses nearest to his lips will be the winner of the game. If you have guys in your slumber party, keep a poster of an actress. This is one of the most popularly played sleepover games here in my country.


This was my list of best sleepover games for your slumber party with friends. Do let me know if you have some better games ideas for slumber party. I am waiting for your comments.


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