Casino Theme Party For Your Kitty Party


Casino Theme Party

This is a very interesting kitty party theme, especially if the members like gambling. It is not actually a gamble but somewhat related to it. The Casino themed party can be arranged either in teams or with individual players. Just make sure that the kitty has at least 14-15 members.

I arranged this theme for my kitty party once, and it was a huge hit. 

Things You need For Casino Theme Party

The main thing you need for the casino theme kitty party is the tokens in different colors, a pack of cards and a few dices.

Dress code For Casino Theme Party 

The dress code for the casino theme is pretty obvious. Make it red and black or if possible keep it red, black and white as these are the colors in cards.

 Casino Themed Party Decorations

You can decorate the Casino kitty hall with red, black and white colors. It would be great if you use some playing cards to card danglers to decorate the kitty hall. I have some of the decorative items here, if you are interested to shell out a small amount to make your Casino themed kitty party a hit.

How to arrange the casino themed party- Divide the members in two teams according to the strength of the kitty. Give the tokens of same amount to each team and keep some of the tokens with you. The team has to place a bid in every game.

Casino Party Games


Party Game # 1

Cards cut diagonally

Call one member from each team and ask the teams to place a bid on their members. If the member wins the game the team gets double the money they bid. If the member loses, the team loses the money. Cut the cards diagonally and keep them mish mash. The time limit is one minute, and the member came to play have to arrange the cards in one minute. The member who manages to arrange the maximum number of cards wins a point for her team.

Party Game # 2

Above 7/ Below 7/ On 7

For this game you need to make a chart paper with three columns having written above 7/ on 7 and Below 7. Ask the teams to place their bids on either of the columns. Take two dices and roll them. If the number comes above 7 the team who bid on the above 7 column wins double the money they bid similarly on below 7 or on 7.

Party Game # 3


It is just the common Roulette game. The teams place the bids on the desired number, and if the number comes out the team gets double the amount.

Party Game # 4

Card castle

Again call one member from each team and ask the team to place a bid on their members. Likewise, the other games the member who manage to make the bigger castle from playing cards wins a point for the team and get the double amount.

Result- In the end of all games the team having maximum token amount wins and gets the prize.

You can arrange these party games according to the venue of your kitty party and also change them according to the strength of your kitty party. Do let me know how was your Casino Themed Party.

Enjoy 🙂


  1. Hi I like ol ur games, but do let me know if u can suggest any team game on casino theme, which involves all d members together

  2. Hi shiwangi…..can you please suggest me game on casino theme its urgent . 15 feb is my kitty…..
    even send me some decoration idea…..

  3. Hi shiwangi…..can you please suggest me game on casino theme n even send me some decoration pic…. 15th is my party so its urgent…

  4. Hi shiwangi, plz suggest me individual and paper games for casino theme…I also want some decoration ideas or pics for this theme..

  5. Can u give me casino theme decoratives n supplied if u hav..I m ready to buy…also give me some more ideas abt this theme..

  6. hi shiwangi… cud u plz suggest me sum more paper games and couple games n kids game for casino theme party….
    also new housie ….


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