One Minute Game With Tambola Numbers

tambola one minute kitty party game

Tambola, also known as Housie is one of the most common and popular game played in ladies kitty party in India. While we play Tambola game with the tambola tickets and numbers, we can also play some one minute games with tambola numbers.

Earlier I have shared some interesting one minute kitty party games with tambola numbers, but this one is new.

Tambola One Minute Kitty Party Gametambola one minute kitty party game

In this game you need to make three slips naming-

Dil to bacha hai ji in first slip, Ye jawani hai deewani, and Budha hoga Tera baap.

How to play Tambola One Minute Kitty Party Game

  • This is an individual game and you need to call the members one by one to play this game. 
  • Ask the player to pick one slip out of the three. 
  • If she gets Dil to bachha hai ji, she has to assemble number 1-30 on tambola board, if she gets yeh jawani hai diwali she will assemble 31-60 and if she gets buddha hoga tera baap she will assemble 61-90 numbers on the board. 
  • This is a one minute party game and the lady who assembled maximum numbers in one minute will be the winner. 

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