Live Worm Found in Haldiram’s Namkeen: Watch Video


Do you have a habit of eating the namkeen directly from the packet? You might eat up a live worm someday. Yes, a worm found in a packet of Haldiram Navratan namkeen. A mother from Gurgaon today posted the pictures on Facebook showing the worm she found in the packet of Haldiram’s Namkeen.

Live Worm Found in Haldiram Namkeen

Such issues make us think that “do brand name guarantees the food quality”? Big names which are approved by FICCI are supposed to be hygienic and safe. The namkeen packet shows the pkg date: 06/09/15 and is considered best before 05/02/16.

live worm in haldiram namkeen

Brand names play a lead role in ensuring food safety and we as consumers have a right to expect that the foods we  buy and consume will be safe and of high quality. Our onus for safety automatically shifts to the brand and what does these brands do? They continually reciprocate our trust. The Maggi scandal is a proof. People buy the pricier branded food items instead of the cheap local ones, just to get good quality but when a name like Haldiram feeds you worms with their namkeen, we don’t know what’s safer to eat.worm in haldiram namkeen 1

Haldiram’s is a major Indian sweets and snacks manufacturer based in Nagpur, Maharashtra, India. The company has manufacturing plants in Nagpur, New Delhi, Kolkata, Bikaner.Haldiram’s has its own retail chain stores and a range of restaurants in Nagpur and Delhi. In contemporary times, Haldiram’s products are exported to several countries worldwide, including Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, United States, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Thailand and others.

Watch the Video of Worm Found in Hadiram Namkeen


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