Kitchen Queen Theme Kitty Party Games and Ideas

ladies kitty party theme games and ideas

I had to organize my kitty party in the month of April and we didn’t want to have any more Baisakhi theme kitty party or the Gangaur Theme Kitty Party, so I decided to keep something different this time and after thinking for a while landed with the idea of arranging the Kitchen theme kitty party. Kitchen Queen was the theme of my latest kitty party and all my friends had a good time playing the kitchen theme related games. I didn’t keep any dress code for the theme party,  but all my games were taken from Kitchen queen theme kitty party ladies

Kitchen Queen ladies kitty party theme games and ideas

Invitation for Kitchen Queen Kitty Party ThemeParty invite ideas

Me and my co-host reached the party hall before the members and decorated it with some vegetables, fruits, utensils, gas stoves to give it a kitchen look. We also designed a few chart papers with a message like ‘Welcome to our Kitchen’ for the decoration of the party hall.

As we have around 20 members in our kitty party, we always divide them into teams. I decided my members into three teams named- Thali, Katori and Chamcha.

Lucky Lady Gamelucky lady game kitty party copy

To choose the lucky lady among 20 members, we decided to have everyone’s signatures. We took a chart paper and made a small heart in the center and then pasted one white drawing over it. As the members arrived we asked everyone to sign on the white sheet. At the end of the kitty, we took off the white sheet and the member whose signature was nearest to the heart won the lucky lady prize.

Kitty Punctuality Game ladies kitty party theme games and ideas

For the punctuality game, we prepared some colored ice cubes and hid tambola numbers in it. When the punctual members arrived we gave them each an ice cube in a glass of water. After a few minutes the cube melted and number came up. The member who had the highest digit tambola number won the punctuality game.

Party Games and Ideas

  1. Game 1-Wear the stockingsfunny game for bridal showerThe first game was to wear the stockings with microwave gloves in hands. I called one member from each team to play the game and asked them to sit on a chair. I gave them a pair of Microwave gloves and also a pair of stocking. The challenge was to wear the stockings with gloves in hands. The member who completed the challenge in minimum time bagged a point for her team. The winner team got 2 points and the runner up team got 1 point for the game.
  2. Game 2- Guess the ingredientsladies kitty party theme games and ideas The Second game was to guess the ingredients. I made mixed raita for this game and added around 18 ingredients in it. Gave one bowl of raita to each team and their challenge was to guess the ingredients in the raita. They got one minute to guess the ingredients. To make the game a bit tricky, I kept the rule of negative marking for each wrong answer. The team who got maximum right ingredients got 2 points and the runner up team got one point.
  3. Game 3-Guess the Floursladies kitty party theme games and ideasThird game was to guess the different kind of flours (ata). We took similar bowls and put six different flours in the bowls like besan, rice flour, wheat flour, plain flour, sattu and makai flour. Then called one member from each team and blindfolded them. They had one minute to guess the answers. The team guessed the maximum correct answers got 2 points and runner up got 1 point.
  4. Game 4-Make Chapatisladies kitty party theme games and ideas  Fourth game was to make rotis. In this game, I called two members from each team and tied their one hand in the back. The challenge was to make rotis using one hand of each member. Again the team who made maximum number of rotis in one minute got 2 points and runner up got 1 point.
  5. Game 5 Kitchen Items Game– Fifth game was a written game. Here I gave every team one plain paper and they had to write the kitchen items from each alphabet from A-Z. This was also a one minute game and The team guessed the maximum correct answers got 2 points and runner up got 1 point.
  6. Game 6- Multitasking Kitchen Queenladies kitty party theme games and ideas Sixth game was about the multitasking talent of housewives. Here I called one member from each team and the challenge was to cut onions with mobile phone in one hand and baby in other. We kept a blunt knife to make the game more difficult.
  7. Game 7- Last game was again a written party game where the teams had to write the Bollywood songs with kitchen items names, for example- cheeni kum hai cheeni kum hai, main to bhelpuri khaa raha tha, uff uff mirche etc. The had one minute to complete the challenge.

Gifts Items for Kitchen Queen Theme Kitty Partyladies kitty party theme games and ideas

I brought the kitchen aprons and large beer mugs as the team gifts, potato cutter as lucky lady gift and dry fruit slicer as the punctuality gift. In the end, we calculated the total scores and gave the gifts accordingly. The first team got the apron, chef caps, and mugs while the runner-up team got the packets of Maggi.


  1. I love your ideas. Even this kitchen theme is superb.. I want to put this songs game in my kitty but unable to find these songs woth kichen items.. Can u pls help me

    • Yeah sure Nidhi..the songs list can include-
      main to raste se ja rahe tha main to bhelpuri kha raha tha
      Cheeni kam hai cheeni kam hai
      Chanda chamke cham cham
      Chand ki katori mein
      Chandu ke chacha ne chandu ki chachi ki chandi ke chamche se chutney chatai
      Juban pe laga namak ishq ka
      Uff uff mirche
      Chakku churiya tez kara lo
      nimbuda nimbuda nimbuda
      Samandar mein nahake aur bhi namkeen ho gayi ho
      Paani paani se khaare paani re
      Ice cream choclate
      Teri aakhe garam masala
      AAo sikhau tumhe ande ka funda
      There are many mant let me know if you want more.
      By the way..thanks for visiting. I am glad that you liked my ideas 🙂 Keep visiting

  2. Hii Shivangi…! A very nice theme idea for party..!
    Really lyked it so much..
    Can u plzz suggest some tambola game on dis kitchen queen theme..


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