Chennai Express Theme Party: South Indian Party Theme Ideas


Funny Party Theme Ideas. Chennai Express Theme Party, as it sounds is one of the most interesting and funny party theme ideas. You can create an entire ambiance of Chennai in your kitty party.

Chennai Express Funny Party Theme Ideaschennai express theme kitty party

The Invitations for Chennai Express Theme Party

The invitations cards can be computer printed or in the shape of coconut tree or a coconut itself. The wordings can be
Pack your bags and get ready We are taking you to the Kingdom Rajnikant, Join us for our ‘Smashing South’ party.

Decoration and Dress Code For Chennai Express Theme Partychennai express theme kitty party games and ideas

Give your party hall a traditional south Indian look with silk/crepe drapes and banana leaves. Have a lot of diya decoration with colourful rangoli patterns on the floor. Have colourful flowers placed in an empty coconut shell as the centerpiece decoration.
Dress Code : Ask your guests to wear South Indian attire. Whereas the men may be a little reluctant to wear the traditional shirts and lungis, their women counterparts will be excited about flaunting their silk sarees and gold ornaments.


Activities and Games For Chennai Express Theme Party

Game-1 Memory Game : Have a lady fully dressed in south Indian attire, with all the ornaments, to welcome the guests on their arrival .Let her roam around for a while so that everyone can have a proper look at her .Then ask her to leave and ask your guests to write all the shringar items that she was wearing. The lady who gets the maximum items correct wins. You can also have a multiple choice type question paper ready for the guests and include questions like The colour of the sari- Red/ blue/green/yellow.

Game-2  TollyWood :Ask your guests to write as many names of the South Indian movie stars as they remember .

Game-3 Khichdi : This is a team game. Write the names of South Indian and bollywood actors actresses on paper chits then fold them and keep them in a bowl. Have one bowl for each team trying various combinations of the actors of South and North. Like have Amitabh, Rajnikant, Nirupa Roy and Silk Smitha written for one team. Let the team members choose a chit each and play that character. All the team members have to make up an act (single act with all the actors including) and perform before the judges. The team which performs the best, bags the prize. Have fun with funny party theme ideas.

Game-4 Mind It : This game is for the gentlemen at the party. Ask them to perform any stunt they can in the Rajnikant fashion like lighting up a match stick or wearing goggles in his style. The person who mimicks him the best is the winner.

Game-5 Ask the team members to perform on random south Indian numbers. The team which dances the best and enjoys it too, is the winner.

Menu For Chennai Express Funny Party Theme Ideas

A south Indian Theme party will have a South Indian menu’- That is what you must be thinking. But No ! On a lighter note, let us think different this time and cater for an English menu . Spring up the surprise for the guests who would be looking forward to have Idli Dosas. It will be a treat in itself watching the men dressed in sarongs and women dressed in heavy silk sarees snacking on English food with fork and knives. You can do such mix and match in any of the themes you desire. After all, what fun is in being predictable?

If you want to have a traditional South Indian menu, cater for the scrumptious dosas, idlis, vadas and uttapam with sambhar and coconut curry and palaspayam for the dessert. You can create more fun with funny games and these  funny party theme ideas.


  1. Hi Shiwangi
    Kindly suggest latest games for couple party n theme . Planning for south indian . If any more suggestions tht will be better. Housie, game for couple, punctuality ,decor n food. Please suggest asap as I have my couple kitty after two weeks. If any ideas you can share I’ll be very thankful .


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